The Place Where Dreams Come From

The Place Where Dreams Come From
Memories, that endure the test of time, are those instilled with love

Where do our dreams come from? What part of the mind is responsible? Is it just the mind entertaining itself or do you believe there’s more to it than that? The established understanding is that dreams come from the unconscious mind. The part of our mind that regulates important functions of the body; be this dilation of our pupils or the digestion of our food. It’s also the part that stores our emotions, memories, and identity forming beliefs.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  ~ Carl Jung

When you choose to look within you see dreams for what they really are: a jumble of experiences and memories all tangled up and relayed as metaphor and symbolism. If you look hard enough, you will always find the links between your dreams, and something you’ve seen in the outside world. In this respect, surely dreams are simply the minds filing system, are they not?.

And so, what if we were to use the power of imagination to create new files, deliberately?

When we use our imagination, we communicate with the unconscious part of our mind, with language it understands. This goes some way to explaining why affirmations are limited in their effectiveness. Affirmations, to the unconscious mind, are a little like someone, with a poor grip on your particular language, trying to ask you for directions. You might understand some of their gesticulations and pointing, yet once they start using a phrase book, things become clearer. 

With the altered state of mind, hypnosis brings about, we can implant positive suggestion, with language, it understands

Metaphor, symbolism and guided imagery are the means and the way to communicate with the deeper part of your mind. Intrigued? Have we aroused your curiosity? If so, read about our Self-hypnosis Training Workshop, here. Dates for spring 2020 coming soon.


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