Everyday Mindfulness

Everyday Mindfulness
All of us at times can feel overwhelmed by our feelings.

You might immediately assume I’m talking about the negative kind here. However, no matter what we’re feeling, if these emotions go unchecked (out of control), this can often affect our decision making skills. To add to this, emotions, acted on impulsively, can often get us into situations we later come to regret.  

When feeling a little stressed, a common habit, is to just take a deep breath

We might feel angry for example, and so rather than instinctively acting on this emotion, a few deep breaths can be very useful. Breathing is something we can describe as semi-autonomic, or put another way, it’s something we can choose to be conscious of. Most of the time we just breathe without any conscious awareness of the process. By becoming conscious, of all that’s involved with breathing, we can begin to focus our attention.

So, with all of this said, one of the most powerful and common methods used to bring emotions under control is breath awareness. The old Sanskrit word used to describe the ancient Meditation Technique, that builds on the calming nature of deliberately taking breath, is Anapanasati

Anapanasati meditation utilises the semi-autonomic nature of breathing

Through a continued, greater awareness of our breathing during meditation, we build on its natural calming effect. By actually spending time focusing on the breath – raising our awareness of every aspect of it, with eyes closed sitting upright and comfortable – we can increase its calming effect.

Students of The School of Mind are introduced to Anapanasati Meditation – under a controlled setting – at an early stage of their training. The calm acquired, through regular practise of this technique, enables us to gain control of ourselves at any time and place we might need to.

We encourage our students to anchor themselves to words, actions, smells and sounds

To begin with, you might like to speak the word Anapanasati, out loud. Get a feel for it. How does the word sound, feel and perhaps even taste to you? We believe it’s a beautiful word of great value to learn. We encourage you to use it as an anchor to an ancient, yet no less powerful technique, for finding greater control and increased calm in your life. 

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