Someone Else’s Problem

Someone Else's Problem

We all love that feeling we get from putting out a bag of rubbish, or handing it over to someone else to get rid of, don’t we? Or how about taking our dirty washing over to the launderette and handing it over for a service wash? What about when we stay in hotels and leave all the cleaning and tidying up for someone else to do? Great hey? After all, we’ve got enough going on in our lives, without having to find a way to get rid of rubbish, or clean up after ourselves when staying in hotels. That’s someone else’s job, right? Of course it is, the service industry is thriving. We serve each other and this has to be one of the things that makes the world go around.

Other people are employed to solve our problems. Even so, it is worth considering, how the more people there are solving each of our problems, the more reliant we become

There’s no denying that the modern world is becoming increasingly stressful. Due to this our attention span seems to be ever decreasing. We simply don’t have the time to either think about, or do, all that’s required. Because of this, managing and minimising stress levels, seems to involve decreasing the level of our attention and awareness. It’s no wonder really. We expect so much and want so much from life, that there isn’t enough time to give everything, our full attention.

What’s so ironic about all this though, is how our habit of not giving things our full attention, passing the buck, as it were, is actually costing us time. So often we seem to hoodwink ourselves into thinking someone else will solve our problems. Be this putting address labels on parcels to caring for children, as long as we feel there’s any chance we can lighten the load slightly, we jump at it. But the message here is clear: If ever you want something doing right – the way you want it doing – do it yourself.

No one can do the job as well as you

Once the decision to take responsibility has been made, wonderful things, start to happen. It is of course all related to the rules of karma. When we take proper responsibility, for paying the correct attention to those things that matter, the rewards are very rich indeed. And in order to fully understand this, we only need to experience the results, once. 

Slowing down slightly holds the paradox of awarding us more time

When we take the time to give things the attention they deserve, time, rather than being our keeper, becomes our partner. For example, taking proper care of ourselves, increases the chances of a longer, richer life. Further example is raising children. Giving children more of our time and attention holds the rewards of love. This has to be one of the greatest examples of good karma there will ever be. It’s those who understand this that keep a sensible grip on reality. Not only this, but facing the stark realities of our situation, causes us to become more involved. The more involved, attentive, and aware we are, the better our overall experience of life, will be. You will also see the irony once following these simple rules.

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