Impulsive or Mindful?

Impulsive or Mindful?

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Walked into a shop, with the intention of only buying the provisions we need, but ended up walking out with more. It was that bar of chocolate, packet of biscuits or crisps, bought on impulse, that became the ‘more’ than we needed. Just an unthinking moment when we reached for it and placed it in the basket. Retailers make millions out of these impulse buys, only for us, to put on weight.

Remaining mindful under such circumstances can be tricky. We’re in a hurry, we might be hungry (never a good time to shop) and this combination, creates our impulsiveness 

It’s quite often the case, that only a few minutes earlier, we might have told ourselves to avoid the snack food aisles. But as soon as we’re in the shop, seeing the products (we have to walk past) with their powerful branding and promises, we crumble and our mindfulness, disappears. 

It can often seem that we’re having a sort of battle with ourselves

One part of us feels strongly about avoiding snack foods, and yet there’s another part of us, that tells us we deserve it, or it won’t do us any harm etc. Once again, winning this battle, comes down to awareness. We must be aware of what’s motivating this latter part; the part of us that seeks the pleasure it receives from eating sweet, fatty, or salty foods. Being aware, that this part of us has no concern whatsoever for the consequences of eating such food, is important. We must also remain mindful of cause and effect to overcome our impulsiveness. Take a step back and think.

The key is to practise

The more we make meditation and mindfulness a daily habit, the more likely it is, we’ll stay resolute to the promises we’ve set ourselves. Mindfulness simply means aware. When we remain aware, with the plan for what to place in the shopping basket of life, clearly set in our minds, we avoid impulsiveness. Through the regular practise, of bringing our minds under our control with meditation, the easier mindfulness becomes.

Take control of your life; learn to meditate.

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