Calming the Enemy Within

Enemy Within
We know the expression: Your own worst enemy . . . worst still, there is a truth behind it

The extent to which we’re our own worst enemies isn’t yet fully realised. How we then look to blame someone or some other external factor is also something we look to ignore. It is in fact fairly easy to overcome this very human condition. All that’s needed is acceptance. The acceptance that we are slightly less aware of ourselves than we could be or own up to.

Through the acceptance that most, if not all of our problems, are self-perpetuated we begin to change

It’s this acceptance that’s the challenge. We might, for example, wonder why money always seems so tight. As mentioned we will tend to look everywhere else, in an attempt to solve the problem, before finally accepting we need to look within. Our own thinking is the problem. Our mentality is the issue. 

Through meditation we can begin to raise our awareness to the nature of our thoughts

It really is this simple. Ask yourself: 

  • Where are my thoughts? (past or daydreaming) 
  • What are my thoughts? 
  • How are my thoughts affecting me?

With these questions we begin to enlighten ourselves to this issue of creating problems. After those initial questions now consider asking these:

  • Are my thoughts positive or negative?
  • Am I fantasising instead of acting?
  • Am I kind to myself within my mind?

We are what we think we are. Problems, ultimately, aren’t actually the problems at all. The real problem is how we think, both prior to problems occurring, and how we think about them if they do. Start the change process with meditation, you’ll never look back!


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