The Supporting Roles

Supporting Roles

We all need a bit of encouragement don’t we?

It’s those on the sidelines, the supporting actors and the cheerleaders in life. It’s those that often go unnoticed who need recognition right now. It’s a little like a building with a beautiful facade; all you see is the facade. And yet, when we take a look at the plans for the building, we begin to notice and appreciate all that’s unseen.

Without its strong foundations the building would crumble and fall. Without its structural, supporting columns, it would be unable to hold itself up. Consider all the wiring and plumbing that’s buried under floors and walls. Without these things it wouldn’t be a habitable building at all.

Of course when we look at the plans we might notice something the designer hasn’t 

I remember hearing recently about a hotel with faulty plumbing. The amenities in the building had toilets that had been plumbed into the hot water system. Obviously it’s only cold water that’s needed to flush toilets. In fact warm or hot water would firstly be wasteful, and secondly, it would just act as an improved breeding ground for germs. The immediate issue though, was the water pressure. Due to the pressure of the hot water system being lower than the cold, it would take an age, for the cistern to refill after a flush. When busy this wasn’t ideal.  

So we can see when there’s something amiss with the underlying systems problems can occur

Another issue we can look at here is the beautiful mentality of the support system. Supporting roles don’t tend to see the limelight and there is something very useful about this. Being in the limelight involves a different kind of stress. It could be that those within a supporting role are in this position, purely because the kind of stress being in the limelight brings, would place them in an untenable position. How we deal with stress does vary from person to person. When we’re able to acknowledge the nature of the stress we’re better suited to dealing with, we can find ourselves feeling much more comfortable, in supporting roles. 

By coming back to our analogy of the building, we can consider how the facade of the building, often needs different kinds of strengths and tolerances than the supporting columns. Complicated wiring and plumbing would not cope well with being exposed to the weather for example. Frost and cold would need to be kept well away from the internal structure.  

So we can see, without the supporting roles, there are no leading actors

It can’t be done alone. Without strong foundations the building wouldn’t of been built in the first place. If you find yourself in a supporting role, remember, without you, the game is over. I’m sure it would be useful, for those who represent the facade of our building, to acknowledge this often overlooked fact.

One of the philosophies The Freedman College adheres to is that of empowerment. We strongly believe that the secret to success lies in how we are empowered by others. Those that love you, in a way that also brings them empowerment, understand this rule. Teaching this kind of love involves sharing. When we share those things we have, but others lack, we bring them on. What we then gain is the rediscovery of these things for ourselves. The pleasure and satisfaction this awards us is the motivation. If, due to our sharing, we begin to resent the success of others at a later time, this will be due to our unrecognised martyrdom. The martyr suffers for what he gives away, whereas he who willingly shares through love, receives the benefits of rediscovering this love, from within.

Worth thinking about

Begin to see supporting roles for what they are and acknowledge the advantages that exist. See the different talents involved for what they are: Talents. Our tolerance to the different kinds of stress, either being in the limelight or working on the sidelines brings, must also be seen for what it is: The differences that make us individuals.

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