What you do Today



Now, we know yesterday has gone and we need to leave all of what’s gone in the past and forget it, however, we must also bear in mind the analogy of keeping one eye on the past, in order to avoid repeating past mistakes. To add to this, we can also look at the past and observe the things we’ve done that have had a positive effect, on today. Nothing wrong with that.

It was yesterday where I lost my patience with someone who has two annoying habits. He mumbles and talks to his shoes. Oh yes. So when asking for anything, everyone needs to get him to repeat himself. I have no doubt in my mind that years of this have further ground this poor bastard down and only compounded his limiting beliefs. He absolutely believes he’s irrelevant. 


Having grown tired of making mistakes, through trying to guess what mister ‘irrelevant’ is asking for, I lost my cool. So instead of this (after failing to hear him properly again) I said: “My friend, if you insist on mumbling to your shoes, no one will ever properly hear what you’re saying. You need to lift your face!” Low and behold our encounter this morning was entirely different. He looked me in the eye, clearly stated his request, and all was well. Wonderful.

On the surface we might just assume that this man is a little timid; with his mumbling and shoe talking the result, and yet, on a deeper level, I do know him better than this. I have heard him complaining to others about how people can’t seem to get anything right. And of course this is true when it comes to dealing with Mr Irrelevant. 

The Beliefs – I’m irrelevant and no one gets things right – are the Problem

Let’s work with the belief: I’m irrelevant. Whenever faced with a problem it’s always useful to ask the question: How am I doing this? Through this type of question we’re seeking to understand how we’re fulfilling our own difficulties. As a result we can become enlightened to the workings of our own minds. 

To make this clear, consider what Mr Irrelevant is fulfilling when he mumbles and talks to his shoes. The result is that most people will constantly ask him to repeat himself (I’m so irrelevant that no one’s listening) or they try and work out what he said and subsequently make mistakes (people can’t get things right). We always fulfil our beliefs and it’s obviously the limiting one’s we need to be rid of.

It will be interesting to notice how long it takes for Mr Irrelevant to start mumbling to his shoes again. It won’t be long, because unless we fix the root of the problem, (I’m irrelevant and no one gets things right) his issues will persist. Come to think of it, either the shoe talking returns, or he’ll finds another way to fulfil his negative beliefs. In what other way do you imagine he could do this? 

All in all, it can be useful to respond to people in ways that raise their awareness. After all, it’s the lack of awareness and our level of emotional intelligence, that seems to be the main culprit to many of our problems today

Through communicating in a clear and concise manner, we can easily raise the awareness of others. Whose life will you seek to influence today? Speak up!                

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