Horology: An appreciation of the mind

Horology: An appreciation of the mind

Imagine handing over a complicated watch – that happens to be your prized possession – to an Horologist. It’s faulty and you want it fixed. Perhaps it’s made of gold and worth a great deal of money. It could also have sentimental value. 

Imagine watching the horologist work

You notice his hands; how steady they are, and you also notice his unhurried, studied movements. He might need to engineer a new part; a small bush or spring. You see him working on a tiny lathe; turning the bush and winding the new spring. Above all, you notice his patience and diligence. Before reassembly, every part is cleaned, inspected and replaced if needed.

You wouldn’t trust such a process to someone whose work you hadn’t seen or been recommended to, now would you? If you did give someone such a task, who didn’t have any experience working with timepieces, you’d be making a big mistake. 

Now, with all this said, how complicated a mechanism would you say the human mind is?

Before working with the mind would you estimate it wise to have studied such a mechanism? In this respect, would it also be wise to entrust anything to do with your own mind, to someone who doesn’t, at the very least, understand their own?

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