Caricatured or Calm

Caricatured or Calm

You may of experienced this yourself – being approached by a street artist who asked you if you’d like a caricatured drawing of yourself. Personally I can’t imagine anything worse. It was years ago now, on holiday with my girlfriend, when we had such an offer. We didn’t take him up on it but stood by and watched as others did. He was a very gifted artist; the caricatures he drew were very clever. They looked like the people he was drawing, but of course certain features, had been grotesquely exaggerated.  

It seems to of caught on

As amused and entertained by these pictures as we were, we still had no desire to have our features distorted and exaggerated, by a caricature artist. We didn’t want to see our lips and eyes made larger; perhaps a mole or scar made extreme. So how is it people seem to want this, and not drawn on a sheet of paper, but in real life? Women with huge backsides; eyebrows plucked out and then drawn in larger; lips with collagen and dermal fillers; breast enhancement, pink, orange or blue hair, the list goes on.

Along with the physical there’s the caricature of emotions

I suppose it follows that if we want to exaggerate our physical appearance, we must also exaggerate, the emotional. It’s easy to see how all of this is to do with exerting our individuality. We want to be noticed; to stand out from the crowd. And why not? You might ask. 

When we stop and calm ourselves our slight differences are noticed 

Less is more has become a common saying nowadays and I feel it to be true. Subtle has power. A stillness of mind and body gets noticed. I suppose it’s about choice; we can choose to be calm and gentle, or we can seek the violent exaggeration of caricature. Certain conditions apply though. In order to be empowered, to have this kind of choice, we must firstly feel content with who we are.

We must be able to recognise the beauty that’s already there and how exaggeration is so unnecessary. In fact, it’s often the case that the exaggeration of ourselves, be it physical or emotional, actually detracts from what lies underneath: Our inner beauty. Perhaps if we just slowed a little, and took the time to appreciate ourselves more, we’d no longer feel the need to compete with others. We are all of us different, without any enhancement, all we need do is notice.

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