Take Out the Garbage

Take the Garbage Out

You may have heard the expression: Garbage in, garbage out. This is used to express the idea that in computing and other fields, incorrect or poor-quality input, will produce faulty output. In terms of the mind, this faulty output, is often what causes us so much anguish and confusion.

Often, we’re unable to objectively see the quality of our thoughts, until we act on them. In other words, it’s only once we put our plans into action, do we begin to see the flaws in our thinking. It’s when we act instinctively, without considered thought, difficulties arise. We often allow the garbage instilled in our minds many years ago to continue influencing our behaviour today. 

Daily meditation helps us to slow our thinking and begin the habit of considered thought

So often we say and do things we later come to regret. Forming the habit of slowing the process of thinking, buys us the time to consider how what we’re thinking, is likely to influence our decisions. Once our thinking is slow and considered we can better decide between what is quality of thought and what is garbage. 

When it comes to quality of thought it’s useful to ask this one question: What emotion lies beneath?

Calming emotions is necessary if we’re to make rational and well reasoned decisions. Fear and anguish, for example, can drive us to make poor decisions causing us to behave in an irrational or inappropriate manner. Building the good habit of daily meditation and reflection helps us see what emotions have driven our poor decisions in the past. In addition to this, the habit of meditation, helps the mind know what it is to be calm. This feeling of calm is then something that can follow us into our daily lives. 

Learn to Meditate.      

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