Emptiness from Meditation

Emptiness from Meditation

“Emptiness is that which enables us to open our eyes to see directly what being is. If after careful consideration we decide to do something that we believe is the best way, from the beginning to the end we should do our best. We must respect our capability, our knowledge, without comparing ourselves with others, and then use our knowledge and capability and think about how to act. Very naturally a result will occur. We should take responsibility for the results of what we have done, but the final goal is that we shouldn’t be obsessed with the result, whether good, evil or neutral. This is called emptiness. This is the most important meaning of emptiness.” – Dainin Katagiri

In the west we often talk about feeling ‘empty’. In this instance, we’re not talking about the emptiness referred to above, no, we’re talking about an emptiness we’d rather fill. In other words, we’re talking about lack. We lack something and long for it.

In meditation the emptiness we’re seeking is that described by Dainin katagiri. Non-attachment is another way of thinking of this kind of emptiness. It’s only once we’ve achieved this state, are we actually resting. It’s only once we’ve found this emptiness, does the mind quieten, and we finally find rest. It can take a lot of practice to achieve this. 

Understanding what we are in fact seeking is of course important. What comes with this understanding, is the acceptance that we can’t expect immediate results from our practice, yet once our goal is clearly defined, what we can expect, is progress.

Before any of this can happen, we must begin with a gentle, introduction to meditation. Without a doubt, the best means of doing this, is through Professional Training. Taking things to another level (self-hypnosis) can only happen, once we’ve taken these first, early steps.

Take a look at our half day training here.

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