The Locksmith Series #11

Number Eleven in a Series . . .

The Locksmith

After John had left The Locksmith had remained seated contemplating their meeting. To him, John had seemed quite transparent, and his nervousness all too obvious. One of the handicaps of youth he knew. All too often this was compensated with bravado and humour. Good mechanisms for survival no doubt.

Now The Locksmith wondered if his advice to John: find knowledge of yourself before practising meditation, had been correct. This was often the problem with playing over the past. We tended to start the process of self-doubt. Doubt had its uses overthinking did not. 

Closing his eyes once again he allowed this doubt to flow through and out of his mind. Whether right or wrong, the order of how we did things, was often illogical or long winded. To suggest that John needed to know himself better would never, ultimately, be bad advice, yet learning how to meditate before any kind of journey, would also prove beneficial.

He recognised that during their moment together he’d been antagonistic and provocative. To say he wouldn’t benefit from meditation, until sitting on firm foundations, was antagonistic and isn’t strictly correct. In fact, to follow on from John’s quip, a cushion will do.

Perhaps, in the fullness and richness of time, John will return and ask some questions that are based on seeking solutions rather than avoiding truth. The locksmith knew himself to be very good at giving people what they expected. If you expect rejection, that’s exactly, what you’ll find. 

When we keep our minds open and curious to new discoveries, magic – the kind of magic The Locksmith advocates – will always remain a possibility.

Seek Solutions, Learn to Meditate.   

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