The Survivors Code

The Survivors Code

If you’ve experienced nothing but nightmares in your early life, yet have chosen to live, you will need to follow The Survivors Code.

The Survivors Code clearly states that currently there is only you in the world, and that most others are either insane, or zombies. Not the kind of zombies that like to eat flesh, they’re of a different strain, entirely. It’s the ones that step into the road whilst looking at their phone. Or the ones that seek to damage other people through their comments or actions. The unthinking and unaware.

In order to survive

Firstly we must deal with the loneliness. Many don’t make it through this stage. The loneliness can be crippling. Over millions of years of development we’ve learnt that there is advantage to being social; strength in numbers. There is strength in numbers yet it could well be, that the people we surround ourselves with right now, are the zombies or insane. We won’t know until we leave them. Neither will we find new people until that happens. And so fighting against this instinctive driving is a battle to be won.

We must win it for several reasons

The thing about our need for others – to quell the discomfort of being alone – is that many of us tend to play manipulative mind games. We must get others to do our bidding. To save us from loneliness we must entrap them and keep them within our grasp. It is the case that many survivors become embroiled within this gameplay; until we raise our self-awareness that is.

We must see through our methods for manipulating others

We all dislike the loneliness and so winning this battle is advantageous to both sides. Not only do we free ourselves, we also free those we’ve previously, held on to. We free them from our manipulative games.

The Code now calls on us to consider how it is for others

We are of course still seeking to quell our loneliness (we’re human) yet we’re seeing things from a different perspective. It’s now been established, that in order to cease our desperate gameplay, we must first deal with loneliness as best we can. The key is to now change our strategy from playing games of fear to games of love.

Games of fear are based on the manipulations we use to constrain others. Games of love are devised as a means of setting others free. For example, teaching people how to meditate – bringing peace to their restless cravings – is a game of love. We’re calling it a game because that’s what life is: a game. We must play in order to gain the attention of potential students. No gameplay no interest. It’s simply the rules. Other rules state that we only have what we teach. So when we teach freedom (of mind) what is to gain? Freedom of course.

Anyway, the irony is, the more we seek to ease our loneliness through manipulative games of fear, the more desperate and lonely it all becomes. Loneliness is when we’re lonely from ourselves. When we don’t know ourselves we are truly alone. Games of love quell this through the action of giving. When we give of ourselves we get to know who and what we truly are: Love. This is how to win the battle. Give love and give it all.

The Survivors Code has been devised for good reason. It’s fairly important that some of us do.

The concept of Games of Fear and Games of Love inspired by The Freedman College Workbook entitled: Create Beautiful Partnerships.


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