The Last Shower of Rain

Last Show of Rain

There’s an expression I used to hear quite a lot as a child:

“They (he or she) must think I’ve just come down in the last shower of rain”

I’ve thought a lot about this expression. What exactly does it mean? As a child I always understood the expression as this: That person is assuming I’m an idiot. To have just come down in the last shower of rain would imply we’ve only just arrived, and as such, might be a little simple or naive. I suppose in a way the expression is still apt and relevant to how people seem to treat each other today. A lot of people seem to assume that others are stupid. They seem to assume that we’re unable to see through their gameplay or their lies. Now that I’m a little older and wiser, when people make assumptions about me, I tend to just shrug my shoulders, get on with the job of life, and remain unaffected. The assumptions of others tell you a lot about them.

Do you find that people treat you this way; think you’ve just come down in the last shower of rain? If this is the case I want you to imagine something for me . . .

Imagine the person who’s assuming you’re an idiot is standing outside; it’s raining. You’re inside sitting next to the window feeling warm and dry. There’s just a trickle to begin with. As the seconds pass it starts to get slightly heavier. Soon the rain is coming down hard and fast. You can only just make out that person standing outside; they’re getting very wet. Their hair is wet, clothes hanging of them, they’re looking like a drowned rat. The rain is increasing in severity; it’s a monsoon! It’s running down the street in a torrent! You can hear it! The rain is so heavy and severe now that you can barely see through the window. Only their silhouette remains.  


For a moment, imagine how that person feels standing outside cold and wet, in that last shower of rain. Your shower of rain.

The rule of exclusion applies. How long do you imagine it’ll be before they come in from the rain? Others might assume you’re an idiot, what does that make them?  

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