Pause for Time

Pause for Time

It can be difficult to be appreciative of anything when we’re suffering. Life can be so challenging at times, that we begin to wonder, what’s the point of it all? We become overwhelmed with our emotional pain and suffering; so overwhelmed, that it pushes out any sense of appreciation, we might have had.

It is of course important that we acknowledge all of our feelings

A recent experience taught me something very valuable. A person I grew up with died. My thinking was, that any feelings I had for this person, had faded away many years ago. So it came as a surprise when I shed a few tears whilst meditating.

I began to think about this person: my relationship with them and the difficulties they’d been through during their life. I wanted to appreciate their individuality and so looked at them, no longer through self-centered eyes, but on how things must have been for them. In lots of ways, due to her pious, limiting views on life, it had all been rather sad and constrained.

Guilt can do that to us you know: cause us to restrict ourselves with burdens, that a little lateral thinking, can free us from

Believing we’re living our lives for others and that there is some kind of reward, for our martyrdom, in another place, creates a life half lived. Most of her life was lived this way. She lived her life in the service of someone else. An extreme example, yet I do find myself wondering, how many others live their lives for others rather than themselves.

Anyway, a few tears were shed, and I felt better for it. It is very important to acknowledge the struggles of others, and yes, maybe shed a little tear for them, rather than dwelling on our own misfortune. The ability to show compassion, for the plight of others, often brings our own troubles into perspective.

More than anything, I feel that if more of us took the time to just pause and consider the bigger picture, we’d be better for it; more appreciative

Taking the time to consider the potential rarity of the world we live on is a start. We don’t know for sure, yet it is starting to become clearer, that for there to be life on planets orbiting stars, an extraordinary set of circumstances, needs to come together. For these circumstances to come together, in quite the way they did, actually makes planet earth very rare indeed. The implication being, that we have a huge responsibility to live our lives well (giving back as much as we take), and regardless of our circumstances, to make sure we show an appreciation for our good fortune. We really are very fortunate to be alive today.

There are times when we’re unable to see this, but thankfully, this can quickly change

Perhaps it’s an appreciation of our good fortune that can assist us with this transition. The person who died found it difficult to appreciate much at all. Her beliefs bound her into a viewpoint that suffering here, is rewarded in someway, in another place. Waking to the reality of how these beliefs are perpetuated for the good of the few, rather than the many, helps us to understand the importance of awareness.

Increased awareness awards us the power of choice. When unaware we remain directed by outdated beliefs; we’re blind to their influence. So yes, a few of my tears fell when considering a life full of suffering. Indeed, if we were to live a life of suffering, we would no doubt be wondering: what is the point? This is the power of beliefs though; they can either enslave us into martyrdom, or they can set us free. Reward yourself in this life, it is the only one, you’ll get. Pause, set yourself free, by raising your awareness, to reality.

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