Violence: How to Unashamedly Protect Yourself

I read an Article in The Times this morning and began to wonder . . .

People with a propensity to violence tend to fear the freedom of others. They are after all trapped by the lack of control they have over their own minds. They may also feel invalidated by the behaviour of loving, carefree, individuals.

Melania Geymonat: “We must have hugged or kissed or something like that”

Was this public display of affection by two lesbians, on a bus at night, surrounded by men, dangerous? 

In terms of lesbians being bullied by men to ‘perform’ for them, how could this potentially violent situation have been discharged? By going along with their demands? No. Weapons for defence? No. By trying to reason with them? No. Perhaps a defensive state of mind would enable us to never place ourselves where we’re ever likely to be cornered in the first place: The top deck of a bus. Is this a failure to be streetwise?

There is violence and intolerance in our society. We need to understand this and behave in an anticipatory manner 

The unfortunate reality is, individuality also enables the existence of violent people (we celebrate this with sport and film etc.) and even though they’re unable to allow for our rights of expression, we must show good example, and allow for their sensitivities. Once wise, we must ask: Why do I feel the need to place myself in a dangerous situation? Why must I display behaviour that may goad, frighten, or invalidate those around me? What am I really looking to achieve?

We must remove the right or wrong of violence and seek to understand how our own mind is perpetuating the belief that there is such a thing as a victim

It could be said that a victim will always need to go at least halfway toward meeting the outcome. For example, we ask: why do victims of domestic abuse stay with their partners? The answer will always relate to fear in some way. There is no shame in protecting ourself against the fear and ignorance of others. Shame (guilt) is an emotion bullies and the homophobic will never be free of. Personal responsibility is paramount.