Conflict . . . Remove it


What is the true precursor to change?

This change must be either internal or external. Internal change is both the easiest and the hardest option. It is easy and hard in equal measure because it is instant. The mind has come to expect change to be a slow and drawn out process, as such, the ego will deliberately seek to avoid internal change, as this conflicts, with our expectations (beliefs). An external battle must ensue. Humans, it would seem, wage war with everyone and everything.

The mind can become stuck in the expectation that change involves a battle. Look at human history and see how this history creates the expectation. Meditation, for example, must be the true precursor to internal change yet very few actually practice it. This is because of the fight ego pits against itself being quieted and calmed. The role of the ego is to protect our beliefs. We believe in the battle so a battle there must be.

We can conclude, the external battles for change may seem the easiest, most obvious solution, yet do actually involve the greatest time and suffering. Internal change can be instant yet does involve the challenge of self-discipline. Even though conflict can be seen as the precursor to change we must understand that conflict originated internally, and this therefore, will always be the place to start.

Instead of battling to change your external environment begin by dealing with your internal conflict. What you want and what you have differs and this is at the root of the problem. When we understand – through internal questioning, reasoning and conclusion – that anything we want beyond our basic needs, is the product of a demanding ego, harmonious thinking begins. Once the ego is tamed we are better placed to find harmony.

The paradox is, without first experiencing and applying harmonious thinking to our problems of conflict, we remain conflicted. As such, meditation, is the true precursor, to change.

Learn to meditate.

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