Choices, Tools, and Power

Choices,Tools, and Power

The most powerful tool, to understanding how we limit ourselves, is awareness

When we take a moment to pause and consider, how we might be creating our own problems, doors of awareness begin to open. Let’s take, for example, the individual who believes life is challenging.

Holding such a limiting belief, means the mind will always find ways, in which to fulfil it. The mind has numerous methods of dong this. It will fulfil it, either in reality, or through the power of our imagination. We might imagine potential problems, thus creating imagined difficulties, and unnecessary challenge to life. We can also find very creative ways of making our lives challenging in reality.

There is a massive difference between believing life is challenging and that of believing challenge need only be part of life  

Consider, for example, an individual with poor social skills, who makes the decision to place themselves, in a position of authority over others. Without sufficient skills to back up such a role, the belief: life is challenging will have been the driving force behind such a choice. Fear and wanting will have played their part, yet at the very root of the problem, lies the limiting belief.

Those who take on responsibilities – that outway their current resources – will always be finding life challenging

For the solution, if the person in my example were to ask themselves: “How am I creating such unnecessary challenge to life” the subsequent search for the answer, will automatically, raise their awareness. Should any of us ask ourselves “How am I doing this?” it plants the responsibility fairly and squarely on the correct shoulders. Even the victims of crime can decide how they deal with its consequences. They can either use circumstances to help them grow, or wither under the weight of making poor choices, in how they think about things.

So, if life as a whole, or just some specific aspect of it, is causing you a headache, ask yourself: “How am I doing this?” Awareness is the key.

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