Show the Courage to Do What’s Right

Thankfully the people who truly matter in my life are excellent communicators. Make it a rule to seek these people out, they will brighten your life, too.

Show Courage

It often seems, to the company workforce, that it’s those at the very top of the chain, that are the cause to their dissatisfaction, with working conditions

This is not always the case, in fact, I’d go as far as to say, that it is actually fairly rare, that it’s those at the very top of the hierarchical pyramid, that are making things difficult for others. Often, it’s those somewhere in the middle of the pyramid (middle management if you like) that are failing those below them. It’s somewhere in the middle that fear seems to step in. In other words, it’s those who are in the rather precarious position, of having to juggle many balls in the air at the same time, that are faced with the biggest challenges.

The person at the very top of the pyramid is there for good reason

This person has passion. Their work is not just a job. If they see, or are informed by their managers, that standards are falling, they will most often seek to do something about it. It’s when those below them are fearful, of either giving bad news or placing greater demands on their supervisors, that things start to break down. No one wants to be seen as a whinger, yet being fearful of reporting the need for improvements, is a different matter entirely. If those above don’t know where improvements are needed, things begin to fail, from the bottom up.  At this point in time I can give you two clear examples of this.

  • Managers who are set budgets too low and fearful of reporting this

Often, when equipment is not maintained or tools not replaced, staff must find ways in which to compensate for this. They may need to work harder, because they’re being forced to work inefficiently, or they may find themselves compensating through an apologetic attitude. Eventually resentment sets in, staff turnover increases, and the loss of skills and experience are the end result. It’s these negative seeds that often lead to the eventual downfall of whole corporations. And all because of fear within middle management.

  • Managers who are unable to communicate on several different levels

The ability to empathise with people is an obvious must when it comes to management. To be able to build good rapport, and communicate successfully with people from all walks of life, is a must. Empathy and communication skills are the difference between successful, well liked managers, and those who manage through fear, i.e managers who’re emotional bullies. Believe me, this type, are very, very common.

Thankfully, the people who truly matter in my life, are excellent communicators. Make it a rule to seek these people out, they will brighten your life, too

The most successful, best liked companies, are those that invest time and energy into properly training their managers. In time, all the rest, will fall by the wayside. At whatever stage within the hierarchical pyramid you are, always work under the principle, of Showing the Courage to Do What’s Right; you’ll be on the correct path, to success.  

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