Prized Possession

Award your mind its proper status

Prized Possession

Just as we need to rest the body when tired we must start to appreciate how our minds also need this. With such a constant barrage of conflicted, complicated information, constantly fired at us nowadays, it’s no wonder we feel bamboozled at times. We’re so busy with so much going on and we’re expected to simply cope and keep going regardless. We must begin to see that it’s no longer acceptable to neglect our mental health in this way.

Consider approaching matters of the mind with love, compassion, and gentleness

When we begin to think of the brain as a delicate instrument, that must be respected and cared for – as you would any valuable and delicate instrument – we gain a greater appreciation of the art of meditation. When I think of all the mind must deal with, on a daily basis, I begin to recognise the need for frequent practice.

We’re surrounded by information and not all of it beneficial to our mental health. Much of this information comes in the form of suggestion and game-play.

Most people are seeking to exert some kind of influence over others

Often this is in ways not fully recognised. The nature of this influence is also not fully recognised. If the mind is tired and confused we become limited. When this is the case,┬áit’s certain that others, will be winning the game. To stay ahead, or simply keep up, we must learn how to properly rest and grow.

I know that others are mistaking gentleness for weakness

Awareness has awarded me the understanding that boundaries are something that must be constantly reasserted. Awareness has also shown me, that if others have never experienced compassion, love or gentleness in their lives, they will often see this as something to manipulate and take advantage of, rather than reciprocate. Gentleness and love is often mistaken for weakness.

If we wish to influence others with love and compassion, we must have an awareness of how to protect the mind from the abuse and manipulation, we’ll likely encounter. We must always remember that humans are at the top of the food chain, within a violent universe, for good reason. Rest, grow, and raise your awareness; learn to meditate.

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