Only When You’re Ready

When the mind is calm and present we’re fully engaged and aware of what’s happening right now. We’re able to respond to situations with immediacy.

Only When You're Ready

Did you know that 95% of our brain activity happens at an unconscious level? Studies from numerous cognitive neuroscientists show that only 5% of our cognitive activity comes from our conscious mind. It gets really interesting when we add some further facts to this.

The unconscious mind has no sense of the difference between past events or imagined futures. There is no ‘normal’ chronology within the unconscious. This goes some way to explaining why people’s perception of time is often distorted whilst under hypnosis. The trance state induced by hypnosis, alters our conscious awareness, and as such, our perception of time.

Meditation is practised as a means of improving mindfulness. Our intention is to train the mind to be predominantly present. In other words, we’re seeking to reduce the wanderings, of the mind. When the mind is calm and present we’re fully engaged and aware of what’s happening right now. We’re able to respond to situations with immediacy.

Through the practice of meditation we automatically raise our conscious awareness

Once meditation has become a daily habit we will have begun the process of raising our conscious awareness. This is as a consequence of reducing our unconscious activity. Allow me to explain.

It was once speculated that we only use a small proportion of our brain *capacity. Modern technology has since disproved this. We do in fact use the whole of our brain mass. The limitation we face, is the degree of consciousness we retain, from moment to moment. Through reducing unconscious ‘wanderings’ (our internal chatter, thinking about and analysing past events or imagined futures etc,) we automatically increase our conscious awareness.

The now moment is the only thing that is real and tangible. There is no past or future within the unconscious. Therefore . . .  

Predominantly keeping your consciousness in the now moment, is to forge a closer bond, with other aspects of your mind. When done the majority of the time, extraordinary things, begin to happen. Of course you’re only likely to make this a habit when you’re good and ready. Many people only ever dabble with meditation; they fail to receive the full benefits a positive habit can bring. Even so, make sure your first experience of meditation, leading to mindful, increased awareness, is as positive, pleasurable and productive as possible. Make it something you’re likely to want to stick with. Contact Us.

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