Personal Power

POWERFUL: Know this word. The theory is simple. In order to become powerful – to have great personal power – we must follow some very simple rules.

Personal Power


open to suggestion; easily swayed.

We humans are very suggestible. Those that understand this use it to their advantage. When we also understand just how suggestible the mind is, we take back, some of our power. Every day we allow ourselves to be overpowered in ways that can be easily remedied.


easily persuaded to believe something; credulous.

It’s important to remember the meaning of this word. To a greater of lesser degree we are all gullible. What determines our gullibility is interesting to look at and the reasons do of course vary. For example, they say that sex sells. Indeed it does, and it doesn’t really take much, to work out why. For the majority of human beings sex is a fundamental need, as such, when this is tapped into, and used to sell us something, we can be extremely suggestible. Humans even use sex to sell themselves for goodness sake! It is a very powerful tool.

At its base level, the reason men want women and women want men, is for the purposes of procreation. We have instinctive sexual desires that are extremely difficult to turn off or control. It could be said, that it’s the level of control we’re able to exert over our instinctive drivings, that determines, our personal power. It could also be said, that the better control we have over our emotional mind, and its need for instant gratification, the less gullible or suggestible we’ll be.


exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

This word is also very useful to remember and have a clear understanding of. Our vulnerability is also something that varies. What determines this is also important to look at. Imagine you’re flicking through a glossy magazine. Most of what you’ll find within the pages is seeking to sell you something through creating some kind of need. Advertisers might even try to create feelings of inadequacy to get you to buy their products. The promise, that you’ll look better and feel better if you buy such and such a product or service, is preying on this vulnerability.

We feel inadequate when we’ve never been given good reason to believe we’re a valued human being

Interestingly enough, in this respect, insult is added to injury as it’s often the case that the most suggestible of us, are those with issues of low confidence and self-esteem. Another example of how the rich stay rich and the poor . . . well, you get the gist.


having great power or strength.

Know this word. The theory is simple. In order to become powerful – to have great personal power – we must follow some very simple rules. As a suggestible human being, the company we keep, holds great sway over the choices we make. For example, children who hang out with kids who carry knives, takes drugs, or have behavioural issues, are more likely to be headed down the same path. In the same vein, lonely adults may choose to keep the company they do, simply because this eases the pain of loneliness. When we know how to be alone we empower ourselves to make better choices. We cease the often self destructive behaviours associated with loneliness. In addition to this, when we have control over the self and feelings of loneliness, we cease trying to control others.

Much of our gullibility, suggestibility or personal power, is determined by the level of control we have over the self, and our instinctive drivings


the activity of bringing up a child as a parent.

Great parenting is not only when parents have a high degree of this kind of power themselves, it’s also about those parents, who’re able to pass this on to their children. We can be easily fooled into thinking that it’s only the privileged who’re able to raise balanced and grounded children. We might think it’s all about money, education and circumstances. It is not.

With that said, if you feel lessons in personal power were lacking in your own childhood, one of the ways to motivate yourself now, is to raise your awareness of the realities of life without it. It is of course those children that lack any kind of thinking skills – and consequently control over themselves – that carry knives. Even though the majority of us don’t stick knives into each other, there is great value in asking ourselves, how we might be harming people in other ways.

What also helps in our quest for power, is the special chemistry of properly understood love, and recognition of the responsibility we all have to each other. Empowering children is all about empowering ourselves. When we have the sort of power I’ve been speaking of, we set this example, to our children. The more personal power we have, the less power others have over us, and our offspring. The more we’re able to ask: Do I need this? The greater control we exert over our lives and choices.

To close, if the answer is yes to that last question, now consider asking: How is it I need this? You might be surprised by the answer.

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