Be Aware & Rise Above the Nonsense

The lady in my example has had her nose broken five times. All from violent men.

Rise Above

It can often be the case, that we’ll read a book or other literature – in the hope that it’s going to genuinely lift us up from a place of hopelessness – and all it achieves, is to bring us further down. Our sense of inadequacy is often compounded, by those writing  books and blog posts, who are already in a positive and powerful position. They’re successful, and believe we can all find the place they’re in, simply by reading, praying, hoping or repeating affirmations. As many find, to their cost, it’s a nonsense to think we can continue to paper over cracks, and this will make everything alright.

If there’s harmful bacteria in the well to begin with, no matter how much clean water we add, unless we completely eradicate the germs, problems will persist

Writing posts that are reality based coming from a place of compassion, love and understanding, can only be achieved through being aware. We must be aware of the realities so many are facing. The reality is, many are unaware of all the lies and hypocrisy currently being used, to keep the majority down. Writing ‘stuff’ that only adds to this, can be damn right harmful, and is, in my opinion, inexcusable.

In terms of true value try this for size

Certainty, that change will happen, is found once we become fully aware of our reality. ‘Get real’ as the expression goes. When we do this, we open our eyes to all the superficial nonsense, that’s being used as an attempt to patch up, all the badly decorated houses. The downtrodden and poor are constantly being hoodwinked by the fortunate and privileged.

If there have been certain things missing from our roots, we will find difficulty with self-help. A positive sense of self will only be there as a result of healthy roots. If this isn’t the case, and there is little compassion shown by those in positions of power (wealth, education, love and so on), and all they do, is make money compounding this, we’re lost. Building a true, positive sense of self, begins when we acknowledge the realities of damaged roots. 

For Example

Through necessity I currently spend time with a person who was rejected (in her mind) by both her mother and father. She was one of 14 children, yes 14, (you really couldn’t make it up) and all of them were taken into care! It’s highly likely her mother was a prostitute, as most of the children (apart from the twins), were from different men. Now, I consider myself a patient man, however, I’m beginning to become aware, that this patience isn’t always genuine. Most times it’s only there as a result of my denial and sleepiness. I’m only semi-conscious in her company. When fully aware, her company, makes me extremely uncomfortable.

We all have methods of getting others to reject us

If you hold the core belief people reject you (as my example surely does) you will spend an inordinate amount of time and energy seeking ways to confirm this. No matter who, they will ALL, eventually reject you. You will make core beliefs happen.

The lady in my example has had her nose broken five times. All from violent men. I’ve never found any benefit in violence myself, however, I tell you now, the negativity and emotional abuse I’m experiencing from this individual, is so bad, a need to either face it head on (confrontation I detest), or walk away. If not, bad things, might happen. She truly is a hateful individual. But oh boy has she had a shitty life because of it. The cause of all this is the damage to her roots. A self-help book in her hands, is more likely to be set alight and used as a means of lighting a cigarette, than anything else. Incidentally my understanding doesn’t make her abuse of me acceptable in any way. What it does do, is enable me to deal with her, in as compassionate manner as possible.

Are we fully aware of the terrible reality that billions face everyday?

Are we only interested in collecting likes or follows from people who are already in a positive and powerful place. If you’re in a comfortable powerful position, well done you! How exactly did you get there? The right place and time?

Bear in mind, as long as we keep ourselves and others in denial, we’ll not do any work – be this writing or any other form of giving – that will genuinely lift those in real need

Many need recognition of the place they’re currently in. We might want change, but wishing, will not make it so. It’s an awareness of our reality that will do this.

Image by SidLitke on Pixabay

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