Dump Your Childhood and Grow

Magical, fantastic and fanciful beliefs, do help us escape reality. One problem with these kind of beliefs is their limiting nature.


Fictional Beliefs Escaping Reality

Let’s dive straight in shall we and use the belief in God as an example. Beliefs in God are odd in quite a few ways when we think of it. We do of course believe in many things that aren’t real and tangible, in any true sense of the word, don’t we? Beliefs in ghosts, angels and politicians, are all very suspect are they not? We can’t actually prove that God, ghost or angels exist, yet we believe. Neither, can we prove that politicians are effective human beings, yet we believe. It stands to reason, that when we believe in things as being real, that are in fact based on fiction, we can in turn have a tenuous grip on reality.

Those with a true grip on reality hold all the power; yours included

All the time we’re thinking about (i.e. reinforcing), our fantasies, is time spent out of being real and present. A kind of stasis. We’re not in the present moment nor are we in reality. During this time, we’re more akin to a zombie, than someone who’s fully alive.  

It’s interesting to consider how we take our minds out of uncomfortable realities with our thoughts. For example, it’s true to say that the majority of people who take up beliefs in God, (other than through childhood indoctrination) and consequently start spending time praying and thinking about the associated beliefs, are those who are either terminally ill, or very old. In other words fear is the precursor to magical beliefs.

Is it the case, that those who need fantasy, tend to be more fearful than the rest of us?

Magical, fantastic and fanciful thoughts, do help us escape reality. One problem with this is its limiting nature. We do need reality. When we’re not living in the real, it’s those who are, that will have our power. We could even go as far as to say, that magical beliefs (those that can never be proved as real), do actually belong in childhood. In this respect, surely we can measure the level of our emotional maturity, through the nature of the beliefs we choose to retain, or abandon, respectively.

We must be in the real if we’re to discover our true power

This is especially the case if we want to lead people and be influential in a progressive, modern, and positive way. Take a moment to ponder on what purpose magical beliefs serve. Are they a means of escape from an uncomfortable reality? In this respect, how much time do you spend thinking about (reinforcing) them? Would it be better to abandon them all together and shift your mind into the real? No matter how uncomfortable, it’s only once we’re fully aware of our reality, can we begin to change it?

The longer we hold on to fanciful, magical thoughts, the longer it will be others, that have our power. Now that you’re grown, empower yourself further today, by raising your awareness of how much time you spend in fantasy. What’s wrong with reality? Would you miss an imaginary God?

Image by jplenio on Pixabay

In response to: Defining the Being of God

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