Consequences of Change

Once you make the necessary changes, quality of life, will improve.

Consequences of Change

All this talk of the now moment does create a slight problem. What if your circumstances, in the present moment, are horrible? What, if the things you’re currently involved in, are so mind numbing and repetitive, that you think you’re going to lose your mind?

We could say the answer to this lies in our thoughts, i.e. it’s how we’re thinking about our current situation, that’s the problem. Here though there’s another issue. What if it has nothing to do with our thoughts and everything to do with how we feel? What if our situation is generating feelings of loathing? There might be a desire to just up sticks and move on.

It could be, that no matter the strategy, (affirmations, positive thinking etc,) in the present moment now, your life feels unbearable. When this is the case, it’s no surprise, the mind wants to wander. It’s no wonder we turn to comfort food and other distractions. Is it not the case that when we feel this way, allowing the mind to wander into fantasy, is actually advisable? In fact, is it not the case that fantasy – be this purely in our imagination, books, films or gaming – is actually how many millions of us survive a humdrum existence?

The key to all this is recognising the importance of change

Coping mechanisms are all well and good, however, if we’re not challenged in the workplace, happy in our relationships or creative lives, in time, all manner of problems will arise. From depression to self-destructive cravings, the mind will seek to rid itself, of the feelings associated with stagnation. Coping mechanisms are as the word would suggest: a means of coping. Eventually they fail.

When our minds are predominantly present, the need for change, becomes all the more pressing. By arresting the habit, of allowing the mind to wander into fantasy, the past or the future, we become increasingly aware of how we feel about our current situation.

Whenever we open and raise our awareness there will always be consequences

Learn to meditate properly and you might not ever forgive me. There is a positive angle to all I’ve just said and this is what we must now look at. After all, learning meditation and mindfulness, has to be about improving the quality of life, otherwise, why would we bother? In the long term improvement is exactly what we’ll get. There may well be a transition period, as a result of being present, where your mind begins to demand change. If so, once you make the necessary changes, quality of life will improve.

Even though meditation must never be overrated, neither must we underestimate the consequences of raising our awareness, to the present moment. Be prepared for change, it will improve, your life.

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