Absurd Magical Beliefs Powered by Vague Nonsense Language

Wake the fuck up!

Umm… surely that’s bullshit isn’t it?

Bullshit really does baffle brains

Here we go again I’m feeling all loved-up and floaty-floppy. Angels, spirit guides and everlasting life. All the positives are here (for there are no negatives in the world) and I’m definitely approaching the end of the rainbow, about to dive, into that pot of gold. How wonderful and magical it all is.

And then my alarm clock goes off at 4:45am and the shit begins to rain in. The pain in my back and shoulders starts up and the ringing in my head is raging again.

But you don’t want to hear about that now do you? We must only ever think positive thoughts so we will only ever ‘manifest’ wonderfulness into our lives. With positive thinking our world will be full of beauty and love. No one will disrespect you, abuse you, or try to cause you pain. Simply because you’re thinking positive wonderfulness no one will try and manipulate you. Justice will be real and all suffering will stop. Children will no longer have their childhood stolen, and they’ll no longer be born from the ragged vaginas, of drug addicted prostitutes. Children will no longer ‘run away’ to find romance as jihadi brides to then have children of their own that die of malnutrition and disease.

With positive thinking love will be real. Even when our children make mistakes like this, we’ll love them sufficiently, to finally recognise how it’s us that’s failing them.

Perhaps, if you believe the bullshit, life really will be this wonderful. My only issue is, when does the thin veneer of this bullshit-positive-thinking, start to scratch off. When it does, will the crash to earth, be all the more painful?

Wake the fuck up!


Absurd magical beliefs (AMB’s) are perpetuated by vague nonsense language that is designed to confuse, confound and trick. Often this is written without the authors even understanding what they are in fact writing about.

People who look to deny the horrors of the world through creating AMB’s with vague woolly and confusing language are, in my opinion, worse than holocaust deniers.

The theory is: if we just ignore it for long enough the problem will go away; it will magically vanish. It’s the proverbial ‘brush it under the mat’ syndrome. This mat has gotten so lumpy now, that we’ve started tripping, have we not?

If we continue to listen to those who want us to drift off into their bullshit magical world – where you will never die and can have everything and anything you could possibly want – how will children ever stop suffering? How do these people sleep at night? How can this be right whilst one child is suffering? Ask yourself that. How will we ever put right all that is wrong if we deny it even exists in the first place? Through more positive thinking? Abraham Hicks (whatever the fuck that is) can go fuck itself/ themselves!

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