Times of Enlightenment (Be Realistic)

It seems the message is getting across

There’s so much talk of beliefs and their influence. I’m hearing it said that repeated affirmations create belief. I’m also hearing it said that we can create the beliefs we want simply by being mindful of our thoughts and actions. To some extent, I would agree with these sentiments, although it is important to make certain things very clear.

Teachers must be able to place themselves in the same position as their students. They must be mindful of the time before they understood what they are currently teaching.


If we’re seeking lasting change, small steps, in sequential order, are important. Learning how to effectively meditate will certainly be a very powerful place to start. In fact, learning how to calm and still the mind, will serve as an important grounding to any future change-work you might wish to engage in.

Core beliefs can be stubborn beasts

Calming the mind is the first step. Becoming consciously aware of the beliefs that hold us back, does involve a very specific discipline. Here is the important proviso with beliefs:

To instill the kind of beliefs we want – in order to create the life we want – we must firstly question the core beliefs that are directly opposed to this. Very specific questioning is required and this must be conducted by a suitably qualified Therapist.

Seeing issues objectively, on our own, is nigh on impossible. One answer to this could be to create a kind of alter ego. Perhaps this is an answer, although I doubt many, would see this as a viable alternative, to spending time with a Professional Therapist.


Yes, learn to meditate, it will enhance your life in numerous ways. Remember though, if you want to change your beliefs, specific questioning, of those core beliefs opposed to what you consciously want, must take place.

Take for example the belief: Relationships restrict

Now, if we want a relationship that offers the freedom it ought, we must find where, when and how we first learnt the opposite. When we find this we can then: question it, (whose belief was it) date stamp it (it’s in the past and therefore no longer relevant) and then creatively instill what we would prefer.

As long as our unconscious beliefs remain at that level they will be influencing us in ways uncontrollable

The First Step
The first step will always involve learning how to calm the mind. It is the first step and an essential one at that.

If change interests you take some time to explore. 

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