The Power of Living by Example

As a sensitive human being, you’ll hopefully come to realise this for yourself, before it’s too late.

The Power of Living By Example

As an individual, who lives with an anxiety related issue (tinnitus), I’ve recently come to understand the true Power of Living by Example

Over the years, the severity of my tinnitus has grown steadily, and yet at the same time, the periods when I have very little tinnitus, has also grown. For example, this morning my tinnitus is barely perceptible, and I can put this down to several factors.

1, I meditated a lot yesterday.

In fact, you could say the whole of yesterday was a day of meditation. I made a point of being mindful and present. I spent several twenty minute sessions, sitting on my mat and cushion, actively calming my mind. As I’ve been practising meditation for many years now (with varying degrees of success) I can reach a point where my thoughts are non-intrusive and very easily stilled. It’s at this point where I feel my anxiety lessons, and tinnitus, begins to change.

Believe it or not, my mind is reluctant to reach this stage, and I’ve needed to be very persistent. The mind will always seek to find solutions to problems, and sometimes, these solutions can be very limiting. You may have heard the expression: It’s the disease that cures you or: The problem is not the problem, the problem, is the solution. The solutions the mind finds, can be just as liming as the true issue, and yet, the mind is reluctant to let go of what’s familiar.  

It is said, that tinnitus is related to deafness, and I’m sure many professionals and sufferers in turn, would agree with this diagnosis. I do have a slight issue with this though. My hearing was damaged when I was a child. Between the age of eight and twenty one I bashed the hell out of drums. Nowadays, when children are in noisy environments, you’ll often notice that parents have had the good sense to place ear protectors over their children’s ears. Forty years ago, no such consideration, was thought. I believe my brain learnt to reduce the sensitivity of what it processes.

In addition to playing the drums

During my childhood, there was a lot of fear within the household, and noise was the outlet many family members found. From slamming doors, to shouting at each other, there was always lots and lots of noise. I clearly see the links and connections, with the stress, and my current need for tinnitus. The more stressed I am the louder it becomes. If you were to read my previous post you will also understand how a degree of repressed anger is clearly related to anxiety, depression, and in my case, tinnitus. Until recent times there has been a very angry, raging child, within my mind.

Tinnitus is this child

I understand the more I expunge the anger (mainly through vigorous exercise) and then comfort and calm my inner child, the healthier I feel, and the quieter my brain becomes. It’s important to mention, that even though I’m beginning to calm tinnitus, high frequency deafness remains. There are some wounds that will always leave scars.

2, I now actively avoid seeing and hearing what disturbs me

What would have happened if, in the past, someone I respected had said to me: Phil, the older you get, the more sensitive to violence, pain, anger and noise, you will become? Enlightened in such a way, there’s a likelihood I’d have been forewarned to avoid the violence, anger and hatred, that seems so inherent to human beings. Even though this is the case (we are children of a violent universe) we do have a choice. We can choose to turn to the opposite of all this.

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We need to turn off or tune out the extremes in the news and we also need to dismiss the many abusive and angry people from our lives. When I actively do this, and seek to live by example, my world becomes a gentle, loving, and pleasant place to be. It really does.

3, Living by example is giving, and we only have, what we give

The truism of that statement is something I’ve decided to take to heart. Finding and living a beautiful life, really is simple, when we’re able to cut through all the conditioning of our past. The way we’re being taught to live is incorrect. I make no apology for informing you of this fact. As a sensitive human being, you’ll hopefully come to realise this for yourself, before it’s too late. It’s taken me a long time to firstly recognise my addiction to excessive stimuli and then rid myself of the need.

There’s much to be said about living a simple life with sensible expectations. There will always be a need to plan, we live in a modern world and not in monasteries collecting alms, and yet, there is much to gain from keeping our minds in the present moment, as much as is sensibly possible. When we then set loving examples to all those around us, this ensures we become, this example. We have what we give. Obvious now, is it not?

So there it is. Living by example has power. It may take some time to see this in its entirety, however, once we do, magic starts to happen.

Image Credit: Pixabay 

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