The Locksmith Series #10

The little dog, Emily had told him about, stood up and padded over to the beaded curtains that covered the doorway.

The Locksmith Series

John wondered if he’d nodded off for a moment. He seemed to have stopped paying attention to the strange man he was sitting opposite. Now though, he was fully aware, and becoming increasingly attentive to what The Locksmith was saying.

‘In answer to your question John, meditation is useful, however, there are some things you’re going to need to get right, before meditation really comes into its own.’

John had been sitting with the Locksmith for some good ten minutes now. It had been an odd thing, how he’d found the door, at the end of Vidya Ally. It was just as Emily had described it: ‘At the end of the ally you’ll find a flame red door with a bright gold knocker right in the centre,’ She’d said. ‘You’ll have never noticed this place before.’ . . . She’d been right.

Digesting what The Locksmith had just told him, John became aware that he had no memory of asking a question, or having given his name for that matter. Surly he’d just got here? Strangely, what he did remember, was thinking about meditation as he’d walked along the ally. He’d been wondering whether it would be of any benefit to him or not. But surly that had been during the walk toward the flame red door?

‘We find the full benefit of meditation when we’re sitting on firm foundations,’ continued The Locksmith. ‘In fact, it’s really only once we’re on these firm foundations, that we’re able to properly meditate and find peace. Some mistake nirvana, as this peace, but this is incorrect. We cannot be fully extinguished, or blown-out, whilst breathing and our heart still beating. We must never seek nirvana whilst we have breath in our bodies, whilst alive, we must only seek the peace and rest, that meditation can bring. In the same way sleep must never be escape from our responsibilities; we sleep to rest our bodies, we meditate to rest our minds. Do you understand?’

‘Yeah I get it, but you’re sitting on a cushion mate, nothing firm about that,’ quipped John.

‘Much of man’s humour and sarcasm is built on fear my brother. The foundations I talk of, our those relating to becoming one with your mind. As long as there is conflict; failing to know your mind, there will never be peace, no matter how much time you devote to meditation. My advice to you John, is to seek knowledge of yourself, before you seek wisdom through meditation.’

John felt slightly embarrassed about being exposed. He was a little nervous and he knew what his attempt at humour had been. As was becoming all too clear though, there was no getting the better, of this individual. A curiously calm man who demanded respect purely through his presence alone. More cautiously now, he asked how he could better know himself. The Locksmith simply replied: ‘See everyone as a mirror my friend, all just a mirror, of you.’

The little dog, Emily had told him about, stood up and padded over to the beaded curtains that covered the doorway. Once there, the scruffy little terrier, just turned and stared at him. John, rightly so as it turned out, saw this as his cue to leave.

Feeling slightly puzzled, yet relieved it was over, John took a deep breath, walked back up Vidya Ally and off into the night. 

To be continued . . .

Image Credit: Pixabay

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