A Gentle Introduction

Twelve years of soul searching, study and contemplation, that have brought him to the conclusions and realisations of what he must now do . . . Share.

School of Mind

And so the time has finally come for Philip to put his skills to good use. By our reckoning it’s now been over twelve years since his move. Twelve years of soul searching, study and contemplation, that have brought him to the conclusions and realisations of what he must now do . . . Share.

The world need thinkers

We need people who are prepared to test the boundaries of their own minds. It’s essential that these people then go on to share the beneficial understandings and realisations they’ve come to. Understandings and realisations that have come from asking the big questions . . . and then asking them again. What generally comes from these questions, is the knowledge, that the true answers must only come from the individual. Why are we here? Is of course something the individual must find for themselves.

The ability to still the mind before seeking the answers is an acquired skill

We know that keeping the mind in the present moment takes practise. The common habit – our efficient minds have formed – is to constantly drift from the present moment into memories of the past or imaginary futures. The mind uses far less energy when drifting aimlessly from place to place. Without any direction or purpose the mind will simply wander. As such, the natural habit formed is for it to do this a lot. In a sense, it’s natural to do this, we do need rest. Resting is all well and good, however, like a teenager who’s reluctant to get out of bed, unless we’re there to knock the bedroom door, it can become a little too frequent.

Like a wayward child the mind must be constantly brought back into the present

Once we have this discipline, it becomes the habit. Through practise we instantly get to know when our minds are wandering, and it’s our awareness of this lazy habit, that enables us to change it. We must be cautious to not force this. As with any limiting habit, all we need do, is raise our awareness of it. For example, to try and remove a slothful teenager forcefully out of bed, will only make matters worse. All we need is a raised awareness to the fact, a wandering mind, is one that is lost and wasteful.  

With all of this said we introduce The School of Mind

Our school promotes a relaxed and informal environment where people from all walks of life can come and learn all about meditation. Through experiencing guided meditation you will gently become aware of a beautiful, if not slightly wayward, young mind. The only question you have right now is: When shall I visit?

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