Wet Hands

When conflict is reduced, or has ceased altogether, your mind is free to create the life you want.


Freya was mixing the papier-mâché paste with her hands in a bucket. The balloon was already inflated, a red one, as it should happen. Her daughter watched on.

The really creative part came when they both started applying wet strips of paper to the balloon. Layer after layer was used to build its strength. It was going to be a doll for her daughter to play with.

It proved to be a great project. Mother and daughter had a fantastic time building the dolls head. They waiting for it to harden, removed the balloon, then added paint and hair. Once this was complete, they attached the head to the body. Freya and her husband had made this from strands of material some nine months previously.

As time went on the papier-mâché dolls head hardened. Time was the thing that made it rigid

One day, whilst playing with her doll, the little girl saw her mother and father arguing. They were outside standing next to the family car on the drive. It was raining. She saw her father strike her mother across the face. She fell to the wet lawn. Her father didn’t seem to care, he just climbed into the car, only taking a moment to reverse into the road. She watched as he drove off at speed.

Her mother stayed down on the lawn and the little girl could see small movements; the way the body would move, if someone was weeping. After a moment she decided to go outside. Grabbing her doll with the papier-mâché head she went out into the rain to save her mother.

Each raindrop softened the dolls head as the memory of the event took hold

Later, when all was calm, Freya put the little girl to bed; soothed and shushed. The doll was placed next to the radiator to dry. There hadn’t been too much damage it would seem; superficial as far as mother could tell. The little girl slept fitfully, dreams abound.


Many of the difficulties we face as individuals can easily be attributed to conflicts we’re often unaware of

Much like a balloon covered in Papier-mâché, think of your conscious mind, as a very thin layer of matter smeared over the surface of your unconscious. This thin smear of consciousness is small in comparison to the size and capacity of your unconscious mind.

This said, we must remember, the conscious mind is very powerful. We are very willful. Our consciousness strongly wants much of what we receive in life. Even though this is the case our unconscious seemingly likes to bide its time. As experience often proves, unconscious desires, always come to the fore … eventually.

This known fact is often the reason for relationship breakdown. All is well to begin with, but over time, our conscious desire – to make our relationship a fairy tale romance – tends to tire. Once this happens, all the unconscious learnings – previously pushed into the background – begin to rear their ugly heads.

It’s only once we uncover and change the buried negatives we hold, relating to relationships (or whatever), do we start to find something true. As long as there’s rigidity and conflict, between our smear of consciousness and the contents of our larger unconscious mind, we will face difficulties that seem unfathomable.

In addition to this our minds will never be truly open

We expend enormous amounts of energy repressing the unpleasant or unpalatable negatives learnt in childhood. We may have seen parents arguing, or heard them complaining, and so, in an attempt to save ourselves from these frightening things, we push them down. As is plain to see though, we eventually experience all and everything, we believe. Consciously we want love, harmony and happiness, yet the bigger part of our mind always seems to win, and we begin to experience all and everything learnt.

If we want an easier journey through life, it’s exposing the things we deny about ourselves, that must happen. Once we achieve this, through correctly attributing them to the person or persons who taught us, we’re able to rid ourselves of the negatives. Life isn’t what you might think it currently is. Without examining ourselves life will always remain what others thought it was. If they believed many beautiful things about life all is well. If their beliefs were poisonous and negative however, this will be your conflict, now.

Once we hold our own beliefs, created through design, magic happens. When conflict is reduced, or has ceased altogether, your mind is free to create the life you want. Do you remember the Papier-mâché analogy at the top of the page? Think of what can be done with the balloon whilst the surrounding pulped paper is soft and malleable. Can we expand this balloon of our mind? Would our minds become more open if our consciousness were more accepting and malleable? Yes of course, and it’s this that needs to happen, if we want change.

Begin now, to make the thin covering of your consciousness soft and malleable, and notice extraordinary things start to happen. Watch this space

You can learn more about how to reduce conflict through further study of this site.

Image Credit: Pixabay