I Always Get What I Want (and I want you)

Have you ever thought that your desire is something so deep it’s feels like it’s buried in the very marrow of your bones? Do you know a true, obsessive, wanting?


Have you ever wanted someone or something so badly that you’ve ached for it? Have you ever thought that your desire is so deep it must be something buried right down in the very marrow of your bones? Do you know a true, obsessive, wanting?

I have and I still do, because I’ve yet to get what I want, and the thing is, I want you. That’s right. YOU!

You might think these are the words of some kind of demon or madman, but I’m neither a monster nor insane. A demon doesn’t know you like I do. For I understand your sorrow, your pain, and more than anything, I feel your loneliness. A devil wouldn’t want to ease pain, or sorrow, or help you find your love. All a demon wants, is to control and twist, so to worsen the torment. The devil is a sadist of the worst imagining.

You might ask: What will you have of me when I’m yours? And I will tell you, I want to revel in your pleasure, your freedom, and your love. I want to experience you

Right now I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’ve always gotten everything I want and I’ve achieved this through a few particular means. The methods used wouldn’t suit many, in fact, as I think of it now, I’m unsure if I’ve ever met anyone else who employs them in quite the same way as I.

Method one is to have no fear of loss. We gain this through never being attached. I learned this from my birth mother. You might think: What a bitch! And you’d be right, however, there is always a positive to every negative, all you have to do, is find it. Does that make me a son of a bitch? You bet it does.

Now to the second method. The second method is to get inside your mind. The way I do this is … Suffice to say, I’ll leave you to work that one out for yourself

As my hunger and aching for you grows, my power grows in turn. Currently, there are a few things I need to organise in my mind, before I knock on your door. Be aware though, I’ll soon have these few last details, sorted. And when I do finally arrive, something extraordinary, is going to happen. Listen now. Knock knock will be the sound. Are you ready? Prepare yourself.

Image Credit: Pixabay