Holding Pattern

The birds circled overhead, their holding pattern, a mirror of his current state of mind. Round and round went his thoughts.

Holding Pattern

The birds circled overhead, their holding pattern, a mirror of his current state of mind. Round and round went his thoughts. This wasn’t troubling him; it created no stress. He had, after all, been thinking about human drama. Ironically, what manifested from these circular thoughts, was this strange, yet calming, holding pattern.

As his mind was drawn back to the birds, he found himself wondering once again, what it must be like to be one. To be so free and independent. He knew the birds weren’t aware of their freedom; they weren’t able to compare their lives, with that of the other animals. In a way, this made their freedom, a little pointless. If you didn’t know how free you were what was the point? As this thought came to mind he was reminded of human drama. How humans kept themselves enslaved by it.

All the games and torment. The competitive fight for supremacy and power. Such wilfulness was both their success and their downfall. He wondered about the empty minds of the birds. He thought about how they’re purely driven by instinct alone. This instinct was what drove them to fight for territory, for their mating rights and the all rest of it, we, it would seem, are not so different.

For us humans there were options. We can choose to be involved with instinctive games or we can rise above them. He supposed it was the way the games satiated the instinctive mind that made them so addictive. It also had a lot to do with the level of awareness you had, and the control you could exert, over the self. When we see examples, of how adults exert this control over themselves, we learn it for ourselves.

Conscious Emotions

Those who have the most control over their emotions, seem to be the ones who have control, over most other aspects of their lives. To not be dictated to by our emotions seems to be the greatest asset anyone could have. We can see it in businessmen and women who’re able to compartmentalise. They’re able to separate business from personal.

Even though there’s this separation, there is a spillover. The control they have over their self in business affairs, spills into their personal lives, too. Life is not a succession of moving from one drama to another. It’s a succession, of moving from one stimulating and creative experience to another, that’s driven by something they’re in control of: Their minds.

The difference is they know how to think. They’ve been taught how to do this. They’ve been show the kind of results rational thinking can bring. They’ve been shown how awareness and control over the self can bring success. When a child is shown how to rationalise their thoughts and emotions, they grow to be in control, of their self.

If the birds were to ever evolve into having the kind of consciousness, we currently touch, what would they do with it? Would they become aware of their freedom? Or would they be like humans and decide to cut off their wings, to eventually revert; becoming lost in their instinctive drivings, once again? Would they still see value in their old ways of fighting for mating rights, territory, and power? Or would they embrace the freedom of their new found awareness? Would they soar above the treetops, just to watch; amused by the fighting animals, below? Would they rise in the thermals just to feel the pleasure of flight?

When will we?

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