The Chrysalis

Much like a pupating butterfly, the body of the woman, had been grown inside a type of chrysalis.

From the outside

It looked human, but on the inside, there was no awareness … not yet. A blank page. A fully functioning grown human body with an empty brain. In fact, you could go as far as to say, it was a beautiful example of a human being. How could it not be, it knew nothing. A beautiful unknowing and innocent female.

The programming would begin. After her berthing she would spend time with her trainer. A man who himself was lacking in awareness. It had to be this way, otherwise, the project would fail.

Her trainer couldn’t be aware of who he was, where he’d come from, his buried past, or the real reason for why he was there. He couldn’t be aware of his soul. Not straight away, that would be dangerous. After all, what human could cope with knowing his soul had been gone (asleep) for so long?

Old Souls

There are those who believe in old souls, yet their beliefs are always edged with doubt. Because of this, when they referred to someone as an ‘old soul,’ the reality was, they were only using it as a turn of phrase. But this new and unique female, grown outside of the womb, was to be trained by someone – or something – extraordinary: An entity, that had lived in the mind of another, many years previous.

Knowing could drive the average human insane. At the very least, others, would label him crazy. In this respect, awareness must be introduced, gradually … over time. He will come to know who he was and what he will become. He must especially learn, to stay silent, of the truth.

All in good time 

Much like a pupating butterfly, the body of the woman, had been grown inside a type of chrysalis. Just the rudimentary building blocks for life had been placed there. With the memory of the chrysalis properly placed and under the guidance – of her slightly bemused and fearful trainer – she would soon begin to metaphorically stretch her wings.

During this time she would speak little. Without an identity, there wasn’t much to express. The map of her mind wasn’t yet formed. Unbeknownst to her trainer, mind-mapping – the mapping of her mind – was to be part of his responsibility. So good at this, was he, that eventually the student would come to believe she had surpassed even him. Only then would he become aware and freed of his current responsibilities. Aware as she took wing.

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