The Horseshit is Disempowering

It’s often cited by successful people, that their success, can be directly attributed to a ‘right place, right time’ kind of scenario. In other words, they got lucky. It is in fact horseshit to claim it was all down to luck.

The Reality is Empowering

How would it be if we didn’t wait for luck but just created a right time and right place scenario instead? Or how about we looked to gain the ability to spot opportunity when it presents itself? In reality this is more likely the situation with success, plus of course, that necessary small slice of luck. There must be a degree of talent, mixed up with that luck, for a winning formula to come about.   

Opportunity is Here

Now, it might not seem like an immediately obvious fact, yet taking a glance at beliefs, can help us in several ways. Firstly, the ability to spot opportunity is often hampered by mentality and attitude to life. Secondly, questioning the very things we believe about ourselves, opportunity and indeed luck itself, will help remove any psychological blocks we may have to welcoming in these necessary elements. In addition to this, nurturing our natural talents, is far easier, once we understand how our minds, can unwittingly, lead us in completely the wrong direction.

Good At Something

There is something you’re good at. You may not know it yet and it may be that your natural talents are being hampered through lack of self-belief. With our powerful imaginations we can easily perceive something, but we must also be able to believe it, before we’re able to achieve it. Perceive it, Believe it, Achieve it.

You might now be wondering: what am I good at? You might be thinking that any natural abilities you do have aren’t good enough. Right now they might not be. The point to bear in mind here is, natural talent must be nurtured, and its negative, self-limiting beliefs, that are often holding it back.

Simply saying to yourself: “I’ll never be good enough” is actually enough to ensure you never will be. ‘Never good enough’ is in fact a belief. How do you know you’ll never be good enough? Who told you that? What situation caused you to establish that belief? Was it because you found it difficult or fell at that first hurdle? Don’t believe either your own mind, or the horseshit spouted by people who’ve already made it. There’s a likelihood they see you as becoming competition and would rather you stayed put! Dedication and passion are needed.

Positive Belief

Dedication and passion are fostered and enforced through positive self-belief. The mind that says: “yes, even though this is difficult, in time, I will achieve.” It’s often surprising what people end up doing through self-belief, dedication and passion. Firstly removing those thoughts, (beliefs) that hamper our potential and success, is essential.

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