Beautiful Silence

Beautiful Silence

“I’m staying somewhere different at the moment. There are wide open spaces, wild horses, and big blue skies. There is silence”

There’s a quiet stillness that would not suit everyone. I’m standing next to someone washing the dishes saying nothing; for I have nothing to say. The man standing next to me, also washing up, starts to hum. It’s not particularly tuneful; I want him to stop, but say nothing. Eventually he leaves and a space is left that isn’t filled with something created by the human voice box. A most unpleasant sound sometimes.

I wonder what it is that makes us so uncomfortable in silence. How it is we need to fill every moment with a sound of our own making? The human washing-man grew increasingly uncomfortable with the silence; a silence I would normally feel obliged to fill. I didn’t, he hummed.

A madman starts to hum or talk to himself as a means of distraction. He is, after all, insane, and needs the sounds to soothe his restless mind. Have we all gone so insane that we can’t stand the silence?

Sit quietly my love, be still, hear the sound of your heart in your ears as it calms. Listen to the chatter of your own mind, in time, it calms and quietens too. You have nothing to say, for if you’re not talking about them, they’re not interested, so rest. Save your breath, detach yourself from the insanity, and be quite. Silence is your friend.

Your friend because without it you’ll not hear what your mind has to tell you. It wants to tell you about yourself; about the loneliness. Are we not looking to cure this with sound; any sound? When we take the time to listen to our inner voice, eventually, we’ll feel the emotion. An emotion we all feel when accepted and a stranger no more. Stop being a stranger to yourself. Be quiet. Silence now, Calm now. Shush.