A Game of Love

Games of Love

“Within our workbook we talk about games of fear and games of love”

It’s our belief (and dream) that if everyone woke up to the reality of these games, the world would be a very different place. How do you think things would be if we all woke to the reality of truth?

The truth is hard. It’s hard to read and it’s hard to accept. It’s this way for some very simple reasons, the main one being, that if we acknowledged truth, many of us would need to look very deeply at ourselves and change. We’d have to change from the patterns of thinking and ways of being, we currently understand, into something simple and less complicated.

“Because we’ve been taught that simple is incorrect, living a less complicated lifestyle, has become hard. We’ve also been taught to associate negative connotations with simple, such as boring, wasteful or new age”

The thing is, love is the simplest concept of all. When we take away all the clutter, fear and drama, we’ve all come to accept as normal, love becomes what it is: simple and beautiful.

Put in its most formal terms, games of fear are those games we play that are based on fear. We play them in an attempt to avoid loss, loneliness and taking personal responsibility for ourselves (becoming adult). Whereas games of love are those that are played to empower each other; such as leading good example and empowerment through teaching each other how to live well.

“Games of love are beautiful because they empower all participants, whereas a game of fear, only creates the illusion of love and empowers no one” 

When it comes to living well there are some individuals doing this making millions; it’s not just those manufacturing rubbish that get rich. Forget all the nonsense about wealth having nothing to do with love. We can earn plenty of money whilst empowering others.

Take the example of those industries manufacturing all the stuff that’s causing so much sickness in society: the sugary drinks, crisps, junk food, cigarettes, alcohol and so on. And now think about the individuals selling good lifestyle habits. They’re making just as much money. We know where we sit and surly sleep better at night.

“So love and money are connected yet it’s a choice in how we decide to make it”

We can earn money through empowering with love or through exploiting fear, it’s a choice we must make. In all probability it’s a little easier to make money selling things we believe help alleviate fear. This is certainly the case in a society conditioned to believe: consumption cures fear.

When sad, unhappy or in pain many are conditioned to turn to the junk food, followed by the sugary, energy drink or slice of cake, rather than going for a run. It might even seem counterintuitive to understand that the best cure for depression is change and exercise.

The truth may seem hard, because once acknowledged, we will need to apply ourselves. We humans do often go for the easiest options, especially when those who raised us, also believed in pacifying us with junk.

Good habits are formed when we’re shown good example. When we all show the example of loving each other through empowerment (rather than the quick fix of pleasure) we can be just as prosperous, and in the end, we’ll all be much, much healthier.

“Curing pain with pleasure is our reality”

If you feel sad or stressed and have been conditioned to believe alcohol, drugs or a chocolate bar is the answer, this is curing pain with pleasure. Believe it or not the true cure to changing pain, is not with pleasure, but with energy.

For example the energy needed for exercise changes pain. Physical activity is the empowerment of love never the chocolate bar; that’s teaching fear through curing pain with pleasure. We say this because it’s the parent, who fears their child’s pain, that provides the easy fix, rather than the effort of discipline leading to good example.

As adults, if your parents were confused and fearful, the trick is to become your own parent. Begin to teach the truth, of loves empowerment, by playing a game of love through setting yourself good example.

Getting wealthy might be harder when teaching truth and yet it’s those special individuals, who do this, that always leave the greatest legacy. What kind of legacy do you want to leave. Contacting You