Recognise Opportunity

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The Time Machine of Opportunity

“Take a moment to pause and consider something interesting”

You’ve found this post. You’re taking the time to read these words. You’re seeking information. This information may simply be for entertainment purposes, or perhaps, you’re seeking something very specific. The thing to consider though, is what you are in fact not, considering: The hidden unconscious, metaphysical reasons, for you being here.

When we consider this, we tune our attention to something mysterious, perhaps magical, yet more importantly, we’re tuning in to the links and connections between everything. The links and connections between all things that we have no conscious awareness of. Until, that is, this moment now.

“What, if the reason for your attention, to this post and its words, has been drawn by forces beyond what you’re usually aware of?”

Most, at this point, will have now lost interest. The reason, for the short range of their attention, is often due to not finding anything that matches their expectations. Their expectations are in turn driven by their beliefs.

“If you don’t believe there are mysterious, fascinating and extraordinary things occurring, beyond human awareness, you’ll potentially already have moved on”

This is often the dilemma faced by those dealing with the change, adaptation and creation, of beliefs. If we lack the belief that extraordinary things can happen, in any given moment of time, we filter out the opportunity of experiencing them. If you lack the belief your life can change overnight, or even in an instant, it won’t. However, adopting these kind of beliefs, is easier than you might think.

“Once a belief in the extraordinary is instilled – and maintained by filtering our experiences through it – we raise our awareness of the possibility of the extraordinary”

This change in filtering happens once we open and expand our minds. This expansion could be the result of a random decision. Allow me to explain. Let’s say we make a random decision to buy a white car (because we think there aren’t that many about) and yet once we’ve bought it, white cars are everywhere! What we’ve done in this instance, is raise our awareness of all the white cars on the roads, through changing how we filter in or out information, respectively.

The alternative, to this explanation for all the extra white cars, comes from those who think they’ve jumped into a parallel universe. Indeed, it can certainly feel this way when we experience such an extraordinary, sudden change. And besides, who knows, perhaps we have  jumped into a parallel universe.

“Recent understandings, within the strange rules of quantum mechanics, suggest we actually do this all the time”

To make matters even stranger, the observed behaviour of quantum particles, is even beginning to suggest the past influences the present in more ways than we think. Currently, we imagine the past influencing the present in a linear, sequential fashion. For example, if we plant a seed now, the linear nature of our thinking suggests that at some indeterminate future point in time, we’ll have a flower. Within the world of the quantum though, it’s postulated particles actually, physically, move back and forward through time, effecting how a particle behaves in the present. In other words, the flower already, existed. Weird to say the least.

All in all, when we open our minds to the unexpected and extraordinary, we begin to open up our lives in ways we previously couldn’t imagine. See the reasons for what you’re drawn to, as being more, than coincidence or chance. See the random nature of things, less as being random, and more as opportunity to expand your thinking.

Take some time to explore.