Tightening Spokes

When I was very young I used a push bike a lot. From paper rounds, to cycling out with mates, I certainly put the mileage in. As with anything mechanical, there would, from time to time, be breakdowns.

Punctures were the main issue, and I clearly remember my father telling me: “This is all your fault because you keep bouncing the bike up and down the curbs!” In fact, so fed up was he, with fixing punctures (rather than teaching me how to do it myself) he took it upon himself to resign me from my paper round. At the time I found this a bit odd, but didn’t complain; at least not too much.

“It’s left for me to wonder: in what way does premature retirement from a job of work, as a child, continue to affect me?”

The answer is, I’ve been looking for early retirement (through varying methods) from ‘job’s of work’ all my life. However, having found something I love, way back in 1998, the reality is, I’ll never fully retire. You can’t retire from Personal Development. And besides, why would I retire from something I also love teaching?

As an add on, and In terms of teaching Personal Development, here’s a little advice for all you paper boys (and girls) out there: Find independence through purchasing a pair of puncture resistant tires, they’re the future. Alternatively, and if you find these too expensive, learn how to fix punctures; ‘bouncing up and down curbs’ is fun!

“Along with punctures came buckled wheels”

Now, straightening out wheels, was way beyond my father’s skills, and most definitely mine. The reason for this was propaganda. Many people back then had been led to believe, removing buckles from wheels, was a specialised job. Believing this prevented any attempt at wheel straightening DIY at all. Instead, the local bike store, were making a small fortune from all the kids (or fed up fathers) in the neighbourhood.

“Propaganda, and the beliefs borne from it, can stay with us all our lives”

I’m still quite a keen cyclist now, and in these times of austerity, many of the roads I ride are not dissimilar to those of a third world country. Teeth clattering potholes sometimes get spotted too late (especially with sunglasses on) and of course buckled wheels are the result. So bad, had my wheels become, that I’d begun to wonder what exactly was to be done about it. The deeper part of my mind still believed it was a specialised job. As incredible as it may seem, I’d even considered just buying some new ones! Until, that is, I watched this:

A specialist job? No. My bike rides as smooth as silk now, especially with the puncture resistant tires I’ve fitted. The moral of the story guys, is don’t ever believe all you’re told. There are somethings in life that are as easy as your ABC, once you come to believe it, that is.

And by the way, there’s no need for a truing stand. With the wheel in place, turn the bike upside down, hold a screwdriver or tyre lever against the frame and line it up near the rim of the wheel. Give it a slow spin and you’ll easily see where the buckle is.

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