99.9% Certain of High Self-esteem

The long and the short of it is, we must never give up. Even when the odds, seem stacked against us, we humans go on. It’s this spirit of survival, in an unpredictable and violent universe, that has helped us make it this far.


It’s estimated 99.9% of everything that has ever lived, here on planet earth, has gone extinct. From meteor strikes to sun flares, everything, it would seem, is out to cause our demise. Evidence shows that mass extinctions are fairly commonplace here, and if we add our own self-destructive tendencies into the mix, then surely, our time is limited, and 99.9% certain, to end altogether.

With these statistics in mind, it’s all too easy, to just throw our hands in the air, and just carry on with the party regardless, not caring very much about improving the human condition. What’s the point? you might ask. If our species is certain to die, why must we look to improve? Why not just continue to allow the downward slide, into the grey, and confused?

“What the doomsayers forget, and conveniently overlook, is the fact we’re currently the only species on earth, to have gained the level of consciousness we currently own. We are actually aware of what’s going on around us. When it comes to our continued survival, this awareness, may actually help us.”

Being aware, of the dangers we’re constantly surrounded with here on earth, is not something to shy away from, it’s something to embrace. Learning more about how to protect ourselves from the dangers is key. For example, we know from recent experience, that it’s older buildings that crumble and collapse during earthquakes. How we respond to this small piece of hindsight is up to us.

We also know, that a sun flare, or meteor strike – if either were massive enough – would be sufficient to wipe out vast swathes of life on earth. Staying with these examples, quite simply, the key to our long term survival, is to learn more about the sun, the earth and the universe as a whole. We know a lot less than we might think.

You might wonder – in a quiet moment away from the party – why is our future survival so important? If most of what has ever lived, has gone extinct, is that not just the way of things? If the dinosaurs hadn’t expired we wouldn’t be here anyway. Some say extinctions are a necessary part of evolution. It could well be that what replaces us, after our eventual demise, is the improvement some seek. But even though we might say these things, let us deal in certainties, for a moment.

“What is certain, in this moment in time, is that you’re alive. You’re breathing in and out. You have an opportunity, whilst alive and breathing, to make adjustments to your future. That is a certainty.”

Predicting extinction, based on the past, is of no real value in the present moment. One theory I recently heard, is the behaviour of the weather, the sun and all manner of natural events, is affected by the position we currently hold in the galaxy. This is to say, our relative position to the galactic centre, has great influence on natural events. Who’s to say what these events are likely to be? It may well be, that the relative calm – earth is currently experiencing – is likely to continue for eons. Plenty time enough for us to increase the odds of our survival.

“The upshot is we must never give up. Even when the odds, seem stacked against us, we humans go on. It’s this spirit of survival, in an unpredictable and violent universe, that has helped us make it this far.”

On a slightly less dramatic level, based on recent experience, the feeling is we’ll likely make tremendous headway, toward our future survival, by focusing our attention on one thing: Self-esteem. It’s self-esteem that holds the key to so many things, and yes, once again, it’s something so fundamentally simple, that we’re missing it.

“High self-esteem enables us to push aside prejudiced, preconceived ideas, that stop us from seeing the alternatives to our behaviour.”

Those who have high self-esteem are enabled – through their courage – to easily consider the opinions and points of view of others. High self-esteem enables us to remove assumptions. We know nothing of others motives and intentions, and high self-esteem helps us to remove any defensive, blocking stance we may have, when it comes to dealing with others. Everyone has something to teach us; high self-esteem helps us firstly see this, and secondly, it helps us acknowledge, and then act on, what others show us.

“If we continue to behave in the child-like manner – many of our leaders are currently exhibiting – it’s our ignorance, of each other, that will lead to our extinction.”

The will we have, to overpower each other, is driven by self-esteem. This is not what you may be thinking. It’s low self-esteem and lack of confidence that causes us to seek the power of others. Often, in the process of seeking others power, we cut ourselves off to advancement. Dismissing, what others have to teach us, in whatever manner, is as a consequence of lack. It’s the confident students with high self-esteem that do the advancement.

“Low self-esteem is exhibited by the student – with the knife in his pocket – who sites at the back of the class.”

The way to change this lack, is to simply be aware of the symptoms. If you find yourself dismissive, defensive, or indeed attacking of those who approach you, question why. The root, of course, lies in parenting, and how we were parented. The most effective mothers and fathers are those who hold high self-esteem. The way to gain 99.9% high self-esteem is to raise your awareness of this.

And so, just as our awareness will be our saving grace as a species, make this your personal goal, and pass it on. In the process of passing it on, you’ll recognise those who need your help, in raising their self-esteem. The first road we must all take to our future survival. Simple.



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