The Selling a Car Childcare Analogy

Once our children are grown, who would you like them to meet, fall in love with, marry and potentially have children with?

Once our children are grown, who would you like them to meet, fall in love with, marry and potentially have children with? Would this be someone loving, caring and compassionate, who has the potential to be a good father, or mother? Of course it would.

With this said, it may seem obvious, (but not always) that in order to meet these expectations, you will need to instill certain conditions into the minds of our children. This is done mainly through example, however, if setting good example is hard for us (quite often, we are flawed humans after all) then following this simple analogy, will prove helpful.

The Model T (1906)

Rules for Selling a Used Car

  • 1, Always ensure your car is clean on both the inside and out. When we talk of clean we mean sanitised.
  • 2, Ensure all defective/worn parts have been replaced and everything works as it should. It really isn’t acceptable to place a used car onto the open market with faulty components and this is regardless of the asking price. Any buttons pressed on the dashboard or doors should respond in the appropriate way. If you operated the drivers side electric window for example, and the response was slow and laboured, this could cause unnecessary frustration.
  • 3, All paperwork should be clean and well presented ideally in a folder specifically for the purpose. When we have clear indication, that a car has been well maintained and loved, we will have no hesitation in buying. Signs of neglect will put off prospective buyers who are conscious of the importance of respect. In addition to this, those who ignore neglect (low standards themselves), are certain to also be neglectful drivers.
  • 4, In terms of advertising know your market place. You’ll simply fail to attract the correct people, if all you’re prepared to do, is place scraps of paper inside a car, parked on the street corner.
  • 5, Ensure your advertising blurb is accurate. For example, stating a car has been ‘garaged all it’s life’ when it clearly hasn’t, is not acceptable. If you’ve neglected your car, tell people, it does no good lying. Once the decision has been made, and your car is ready for sale, telling the truth is always favourable; prospective buyers will know where they stand.
  • 6, Buyer beware is a common adage, however, following the above guidelines, ensure the issue of trust, is redundant. Trust is an illusion, as such, no one needs to trust, the car is ‘as advertised,’ if your integrity – as the cars custodian – is in the correct place. Once we eliminate trust, through improving our own integrity, the world will be a better place.
  • 7, A golden rule: PUT SOME GOOD FUEL IN IT. This is to include petrol and oil.

Believe it or not, you can actually make the world a better place, by selling a good, clean and well maintained, used car. א


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