The Healthcare Revolution / An Inexcusable Abuse of Power

Unless we wake up, the social divide will open up into a vast cavern: one half of the population, dependent pill poppers, and the other half feeding off them like parasites.

This boat could be sinking but it’s not too late

“Looks like we’re sorted then. Twenty one thousand new mental healthcare workers by 2021, catering for an additional one million people per year. Marvellous.”

Certain people feel there’s been years of neglect, within this sector of the NHS, and so to some extent, government are only now just starting to play catch up. Also the fact that doctors wrote up 64.7 million prescriptions for antidepressants in 2016, double the amount a decade ago, has raised some extra concerns about healthcare.

So all’s sorted then, or is it? It strikes us, here at Partnership Workshops, as a little odd, that someone in government hasn’t yet sat up and thought: hold on a sec, if we’re handing out double the amount of antidepressants, than we were ten years ago, isn’t there something fundamentally wrong within society, we’re not seeing? Is something perhaps breaking down, or already broken, that we need to address?

Of course, anyone who does sit back and look at the figures, would quickly realise that there is something seriously wrong. It’s blatantly obvious there’s something up, and so why aren’t we addressing the real problem? Perhaps government aren’t addressing it. The current situation, of needing to employ 21,000 more healthcare workers and investing billions of pounds in the process, is actually easier and more agreeable to the general public.

If government is only fulfilling, what they feel is most agreeable to the general public, then they’re really not having to do much at all to keep the masses happy. And while they’re just doing what pleases us they are of course staying in power.

“Government are acting like irresponsible parents giving us exactly what we want: a painless solution.”

The real solution would not be popular and is, to some extent, unworkable. The real solution is to not simply give everyone what they want, but to help them understand the importance of personal responsibility. For example, there is an abuse of power, men and women exhibit every single day in this country, and it’s seen as acceptable and unchangeable. This abuse of power is seen as a fundamental human right; the right to create new life. It would seem no one is looking to protect the rights of the child, it would seem children, have no rights whatsoever.


It’s irrelevant that this new life isn’t actually asking to be born. It’s irrelevant we have children raising children and it’s irrelevant lonely women are having children in an attempt to feel less so: “when I have my daughter/son I’ll at least have a friend in the world; something I can call my own.” This is abuse of power. Children are not the friends of adults, if they are, they’re being abused. When we’re growing we need skilled parents who’re able to set effective boundaries and act as strong role models, and most importantly, we need friends of our own age.

“The happy pill generation are a little confused as to why they feel so bad. Like a rudderless boat floating aimlessly in a sea of shit.”

Adolescents trapped into a life of paying off debt with the light at the end of the tunnel forever moving beyond their reach. All of us trapped into the drudgery of doing the same thing, day in day out, never seeing and end to the enforced repetition of the daily grind. It’s seems that so many of us are stuck in this same rudderless boat. We need drugs just to get by, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is only adding unseen depths to the sea of shit we’re already floating in.

Hey ho, so glad to have cleared that up for you today. Now though we must share the really bad news: this mechanism, the NHS seems unable to recognise as destructive, can only get worse. This illusion, that we can buy into love through pills and healthcare workers, is only ever going to line the pockets of public sector workers and drug manufacturers.

This situation can only ever get worse. Where in fact do the government think this is all going to lead? Or are they not thinking? Perhaps they’re simply not looking any further forward than the next election. One thing’s for sure, the more dependent we all become on pills and surrogate parents (healthcare workers) the weaker and more confused we all become.

“Unless we wake up, the social divide will open up into a vast cavern. One half of the population, dependent pill poppers, and the other half feeding off them like parasites.”

What are we doing about the 45% of unplanned pregnancies (ignorance and more abuse of power) here in the UK? Surely this is an issue to be addressed in schools. What about our failing, to properly realise the full responsibilities of parenting before having children. Why don’t we deal with this? What about the failing of parents to properly love our children. Why are we not looking at this?


Is it not an inexcusable abuse of power to be having children without first knowing how best to raise them? A lot of mental illness is as a consequence of children entering adulthood without being properly prepared. If there’s no one showing us how will we ever know?

It’s about time government stopped excusing us of our responsibilities. It’s about time we recognised, that to not take responsibility, is an abuse of our power. It’s about time, we understood how to award our children, greater choices in life.

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