Guilt and the Control of Suicide

They’ve failed to cut out the abusers from their minds and lives and ultimately become abusers themselves.


“So we read again that yet another rock star has taken his own life. We read that without his suffering he wouldn’t have been able to write such beautiful music. We read about childhood abuse and the subsequent issues with drugs and alcohol.”

We also need to read about the cowardice of suicide. Suicide says to the world: “fuck you, look what you’ve done”- nothing to do with the The Art of Fuckology. Suicide is also the ultimate means to the illusion of control. The suicidal individual is unable to deal with their suffering and pain. Their seeming lack of control over others and their own lives, becomes intolerable, so the easy rout is taken.

“They’ve failed to cut out the abusers from their minds and lives and ultimately become abusers themselves.”

Of course, the decision to take ones own life is never likely to be easy, and some might say there’s courage in committing the act. It could also be said, many decisions in life can be hard, and committing yourself to living life is surely an act of courage far greater than that of quitting altogether. Is it not favourable to leave a legacy of courage over cowardice? Do the suicidal simply not care about guilt and legacies of cowardice?

“Yes, life can be tough, and if we’re insufficiently equipped to endure hardship and pain, our options, when life seems unbearable, are reduced.”

To add to this, if the coping mechanism we’ve discovered turns out to be drugs and alcohol, we’re only adding to our struggle. The mentally ill, or simply depressed and suicidal, fail to realise their self-destructive tendencies are only exacerbated through believing drugs help them cope.

When we’re suicidal we’re looking to control that which is uncontrollable: unconscious drivings and other people. Why do we need to teach guilt and tell the world how rotten it is, when we could open our minds, stop and relinquish this need instead. All our options seem gone and suicide is the only answer; life has become far too black and white. In these moments we must understand the pointlessness of suicide and the whole point of life.

Those who face extreme challenges in life are here to teach the rest of the world courage and strength. If you’re suicidal, consider what the act of suicide teaches, compared to that of displaying the courage necessary to live and endure suffering. We are all of us children, and so what lessons would it be better to teach a child in pain: that it’s okay to seek revenge and control, leaving a legacy of cowardice and guilt, or would it be better to find the courage to seek the alternatives of understanding how to make it through?

“Truly beautiful music, is better written by those in love, than by the suicidal, who believe in suffering, control and martyrdom. Suicide abuses us all, how dare they manipulate our feelings. How dare they devalue our lives.”

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