The Privileged Running our Lives

A little secret I can let you into at this time is, the easiest way of breaking free, from a current mindset of inferiority, is to simply turn off the television.

“If you think of yourself as a bit of an underdog, unlucky or underprivileged person, then that’s exactly what you’ll be.”

In fact, your mind will go out of its way, to constantly prove this to you, and to make matter worse, it will expend large amounts of energy in the process. Energy that could be put to far better use.


The ways in which your mind will seek to prove your unlucky and underprivileged stance in life are numerous. One of the ways this is done, is through engaging with the forces that would prefer you remained the unlucky, underdog. And believe me, those forces are out there.

Take money. Unless you’re a very canny and thoughtful individual, the idea of living in the black, (living in a positive financial situation without debt) can prove very challenging. Credit is everywhere, and it’s very easy to get. Buying a car worth thousands of pounds, for example, has never been easier.

When we’re young we’re very attracted to the kind of lives the media project as normal, and all just so long as we have good credit (if there can ever be such a thing.) The latest gadgets, clothes etc. cost big money, and if we don’t have them, we’re taught to feel incomplete. If, at the very least, you don’t look wealthy, society looks to prove that you’re an unlucky loser.

One of the biggest forms of conditioning has to be television. Mainstream telly, in particular the BBC, seems to set out the rules under which we should be living our lives.

“The BBC is run by the elite ruling classes, and is set up in such a way, that they often employ individuals from upper class, privileged backgrounds, with expensive educations. The expression ‘jobs for the boys’ certainly fits this organisation.”

The news today has revealed further interesting facts about the British Broadcasting Corporation’s activities. We can now clearly see the inherent sexism and elitism that goes on within this organisation. A former BBC Chairman (Lord Grade) has proved himself to be a low-grade human by describing the – necessary transparency – of a publicly funded organisation as “distasteful and disturbing.” Many, within the BBC, have really got a little ahead of themselves, have they not?


British television is all about telling us what we haven’t got, rather than helping us understand, how different the realities of life can be, when we’re without wanting. Perhaps that sounds a little heavy, yet when wake up and open our eyes, it’s possible to see the propaganda of the machine that’s running us.

When we’re constantly facing a barrage of information from the media, that unconsciously tells us we’re lacking in some way, inferiority is the result. We’re then back to being the unlucky, underprivileged and because this is so subtle and unconscious, we often don’t quite understanding why.

“A little secret I can let you into at this time is, the easiest way of breaking free, from a current mindset of inferiority, is to simply turn off the television.”


This is only a small sample of how our beliefs self-fulfil. We are what we believe we are, and the progression, toward the more positive, begins to happen once we understand how we find fulfilment, of the negative. After an evening of watching television, you may not feel particularly good about yourself, and yet not understand why. Raise your awareness, and be cautious of the machine that’s running you; take back control.

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