Parenting Sk-ill’s

Your power must remain in your hands.

“The child who climbed to the top of a high building, only to fall to his death, was mentally ill.”

The blame, for his death, is of course firmly pinned on those who were caring for him at the time: a NHS Trust. That particular trust is fined hundreds of thousands of pounds for neglect. Where exactly do we imagine that money is coming from?

I won’t bore you with more examples, because quite frankly, I can’t be bothered to take up any more of my precious time researching it, suffice to say, there are and will be numerous more. I might be considered pompous in my attitude toward the failings of our children’s parents, and yet criticism of this nature, would only be another symptom of the fact we all need someone else to blame. No parent wants to accept, it was their own failings, that put one of our children in hospital to begin with.

“A confused teenager with no father figure (because he was to weak to see the damage his absence would cause) crying out for love and attention, through his illness, climbs to the top of a tower, slips, and now he’s dead. It’s never the parents fault.”

It’s not just the working classes, it’s ignorance in general. Ignorance and wilful neglect by all parents who choose to stay blind to the workings of children’s minds. If you truly loved child, would your bookshelves not be full of advice on how to best raise them? Would you not take full responsibility for a child, when ill, through seeking how to best love them, and make them well, instead of palming them off on people who’re being paid to care for them? You can’t be paid to love, it simply doesn’t work. Love and money do not mix. You can’t buy love, so if you can’t cope, learn how to.

Your mind is a beautiful thing, learn how it works

The trouble is, we’ve gotten frightened of illness, especially mental illness. We’ve been taught not to take illness, of any description, into our own hands. The thing is, illness and becoming well, must be our responsibility, once it is, things begin to change. Straight away we change, as we stop handing over our power to others, who then simply fail us and abuse us because… well… they can; we’ve enabled them. Give any human being to much power, and in time, he’ll abuse it.

Your power must remain in your hands.

Teach a child this from the get go and you’ll be doing our kids proud. Alternatively, teach a child that the first thing to do – when feeling unwell – is go straight to the doctors, and we continue the pattern. The more we hand over our power the weaker we all become.

We trust our homes are fireproof. Why? Because we’re powerless. We trust the medical profession will care for our children. Why? Because we’ve been made powerless. Never believe in trust, it’s an illusion. You cannot pay for love.


The longer we go on failing to love our children, remaining ignorant to ourselves and the effects we have on the children around us, the weaker the whole of society becomes. Do you need me to lie, and tell you all I’m a fucking professor, before you’ll listen? Stop kidding yourselves, professors know nothing of love, but you do, when you decide to put your minds to it that is. א 

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