Love is a: “Hand-up not a hand-out” as John Bird put it.


There’s a massive part of me that thinks: Really, what is the point? And the thing is, I really need to overcome this, or I become pointless too.

If more people asked themselves: What is the point in me? We might live in a better world. So many of my observations come down to age and experience. With this in mind, we must show humility, in terms of understanding, how it once was to be young and foolish. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t assume for a moment that I’m completely over foolishness, I’m not, however with a little love and a little help, we can advance so very, very quickly.

All we need do is apply ourselves and start thinking. Thinking, or not as the case may be, seems to be one of the major reasons why we’re currently experiencing so much turmoil (have we ever been free of turmoil?). When we step back and really consider things before we act, life would be so much better. It doesn’t take so called intelligence to be a better person either. All we need to do is start thinking.

Cause and effect: What will/might happen if I say/do this? Is this the correct/loving thing to do? What is the point in my actions/words? What am I looking to achieve?

All of that we do, that’s of a negative motivation and purpose, is self-destructive. We’ve known for thousands of years that it all comes back to us in the end: what we think and do is what we become. I believe we know, deep down, whether our actions are of good intention or not.

When I was younger, very few of my actions were consciously based on love, and the empowerment of others. The reason for this was simply because of my ignorance. Ignorance, or lack of belief, of the benefits to always being mindful, that what I say and do, must be based on one thing, and one thing only: love. Be cautious if your instinct is to scoff and dismiss this through sounding like a cliché.

“Lack of thought is driving so many of the troubles in the world. People who think like me are openly criticised for over-simplification, yet those who criticise us are only feeding their own self-centered desires to sound clever, through intellectualization.”

There IS a one fix all panacea – the intellectuals dismiss this as over-simplification – and for the very reason it’s not working: they don’t understand it either. They don’t understand love.

Love is empowerment. Love is a: “Hand-up not a hand-out” as John Bird put it. If we all stopped looking for complicated, intellectual solutions, and simply understood the real reasons and value for basing every decision we make (as best we can) on the empowerment of others, the world really could change overnight.

Allow me to give you an example. Why do you imagine the leader of North Korea is so intent on testing missiles? Why does he believe he needs nuclear arms? It’s simple – the simplest answers are always the ones to look for – he’s frightened.

What happens when you corner a frightened animal? What is the fight or flight instinct? Frightened people are dangerous people. He may believe he loves his people and as such believes he needs to protect them. He may believe the rest of the world want’s rid of him. He may feel ostracised and alienated. It would be far better to simply leave him well alone, as you would any cornered, frightened animal.

Trump is falling into the trap so many frightened people set: to be attacked and rejected.

What would it take to empower a frightened xenophobic leader? Quite possibly all that’s needed is understanding. Why? How is it he behaves the way he does? Is there any hope for a man who was raised in an atmosphere of paranoia, fear and mistrust? What is the solution to dealing with this person other than violence? How could we empower him and remain safe ourselves?

Consider what kind of world we would live in if every potential parent – understood these questions – and then asked them before procreating:

If love is empowerment what is the correct way to raise a child?

If the authority on parenting is love should we not fully understand it first?

What is self-centeredness and it’s dangers?

How healthy is my relationship and could it be stronger?

Do I understand love?

I believe all we can sensibly do is look to add more love to the mix. The main issue we must deal with, right now, is our understanding of this force. We must hone and nurture the force of this poorly understood emotion. We must allow our understanding to evolve.

We can assist this process by understanding why we seek it’s opposites: Why do we fear? Why do we hate? Why do we envy? Why do we control?

All of these things are aspects of the human condition, that raise themselves, simply through the ignorance of their effect on others and ourselves. When we’re taught the value of loving ourselves and our fellow man, from an early age, we have no need for the wisdom that age takes so long to find. When it’s clear to us what love is (empowerment) and we’re taught how to think, and bias our thoughts through the filters of love, we will all have better lives: simple.

Teach our children how to think and how to love, because it would seem, that right now, we need to add some to the mix.

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