Just The Average Human Then

We refuse to believe what we don’t want to change.

Suv and smoking stacks
Never handing it back

Ah, so you think you can antagonise me, with your self-pity then. Wind me up with your winging, about your maladapted past. Well here’s how it lies, my friend, there’s no funding, for this vicious attack.

There are those who believe, they’re so powerful; they demonstrate to us all. What do they think will be the end result, when all they do, is rub our faces in the muck. Driving their Audi Q7 with its big panels, large engine, fat wheels. They need to exhibit their power like it’s something they’re proud to display, not knowing all along, it’s just a bullshit foray.

What do they expect, from the downtrodden, and those who’ve had no power to begin? Simple appreciation, for a beautiful car manufactured for the road? No, they’ll harbour hatred and shoot you or stab you in the back.

Like the ill mannered woman, reserving a parking space, with her body yesterday;

”Could you move please, I’d like to park and be on my way?”

“No” she replied, drawing on her fag, “I’ve been standing here for ten minutes waiting for my partner, to bring the car round, you see.”

“Well f**k, I didn’t realise you could reserve a space for a car with your body, just like that, I hope you feel powerful” I said reversing out, in disgust, finding a space not reserved by a human, smoking a fag.

There are those who could imagine the smell of her faeces and hear the crack of her skull as they drove over her head, not me, you see, I’m more powerful than that.

I could have told her: “only the guilty and the joyless smoke, you know.” What would have been the point, she’d have only answered back. It’s a wonder we start smoking, we know it’s damaging to health, yet the thing is, we’re all just like that, we refuse to believe what we don’t want to change.

Who do we listen to, when young and foolish back then? Not the parents, who don’t have a clue, themselves. Respect for a parent, must be earned they don’t see, when the adults set example’s, the children will only follow. I remember seeing the grown ups puffing on their fags “I wonder what that’s like?’ said the child in my head. Found out to my cost, as my lungs always protest, climbing up hills, on my sodding bike, such pain lacking breath.

So no, don’t expect pity or sentimentality, I’m too old for these little games, you see. I know what it’s about; it’s about making you a fortune, and me getting this devil, off my back.

Humans and their need for power, it’s not seen by those who’ve been given good fortune as a child. “You can do anything my child” said the father of Q7, and now he’s showing the world how powerful he is, take that!

Problem being, he’s taking from the world, never handing it back, never understanding his lack. He lacks the foresight, to know of the damage, to fellow man, to planet earth, herself.