Keep My Company

Imagine an Astrophysicist sitting in the company of a room filled with five year old children; what do you imagine he’s going to be chatting about with these kids? Perhaps he’d be able to chat about what he had for breakfast. Perhaps he could talk about the weather, or draw some nice pictures, or better still, perhaps he could build a castle made of sand!

“Look boys and girls, it holds together better, if you add a bit of water!”

Suffice to say, it’s unlikely he’s going to be chatting about Black Holes, Dark Matter or the Big Bang. He might, if he’s lucky, get to talk about the stars and be able to explain that they’re similar to our sun, but just a very long way away

“Far, far away boys and girls.”

“How far away is far, far away mister?”

“It’s about as far away as I currently am to having an intelligent conversation young lad.”

“Wow! That’s a long way mister.”

No shitting. So to my point: the company you keep will determine how far (or not as the case may be) you’re able to move your mind forward, through bouncing ideas off those around you.

“We all know attitude is infectious, and so in the same respect, we can know that sitting in a room full of five year olds, will only help our Astrophysicist understand the thinking, of five year olds.”

Some might say there’s likely to be a benefit to this and I would agree, yet no matter how hard we look to justify why we’re there, it won’t change the reality, that moving on from where we’re currently sat, needs to happen.

During my time as an Analytical Hypnotherapist (or Hypno-Analyst), I’ve joined a few governing bodies whose aim is to promote the ‘discrete discipline’ of Hypnotherapy.

One body in particular – the biggest at that time – offered: The Promotion of Hypnotherapy, The Protection of Consumer Rights, Client Referrals and Registration on their Website. In five years, the only dealings I had with them, involved one client referral, and their flailing negotiations with a member of the public, who, after a Clinical Hypnotherapy session with myself, failed to stop smoking. A situation easily resolved by myself, through offering to refund half of my fee, which my client gladly accepted.

Thankfully, personal responsibility was something I successfully explained to the majority of people I met (it obviously cost me if I failed – there’s a lesson there!). When it came to promoting the power of Hypnotherapy, I didn’t notice one editorial or evidence of any media activity whatsoever, from this particular governing body. Even so, they were quite happy to take my yearly subscription, and f**k you very much for that. Disappointed.

“After leaving this ‘governing body’ my attitude to my work changed. I was no longer someone who simply helped people give up the weed, I evolved into an independent and successful Analyst.”

The moral of the story is, never fully believe, that just because an organisation is the largest, or has a fancy logo, that they’re automatically going to do the best by you, or your clients. Some of them simply enjoy the money and little else. The way of the world so I’m told. We must to be cautious in respect of the company we choose to keep.

“By all means, if you’re a primary school teacher, stick with the company of five year olds, and thank goodness for you, you’re offering an invaluable service to humanity.”

If you’d like to be an Astrophysicist, or Analyst for that matter, seek those who display unending passion for their ‘powerful’ discipline. Not only will they help move your mind forward, they’ll fully expect your company, to move theirs.