The Universe: Quantity over Quality

Selfish never self-centered.

Start Point South Devon

“Imagine the future, not the near future, or perhaps even a future a few hundred years from now, but a future thousands of years from now.”

Imagine a future where humans are capable of creating and building robots that travel to, and then terraform, distant  exoplanets. Imagine a future where we see clearly, the purpose of our existence, to be the custodians of the Galaxy.

It may sound like science fiction and indeed, with the current development of the human mind as it is, fanciful science fiction at that. However there is hope.

This hope lies in the minority of us humans (in comparison to seven billion) who actually think about how they think, and are curious about their minds, and how they work.

Once an understanding – that isn’t convoluted, intellectualised or confused – that explains the simple principles, of how the mind develops, is agreed upon, we’ll be free to further develop. It starts with understanding the power and development of beliefs.

The key, will be to take this single, simple understand into schools, so that children are given the opportunity to empower themselves, through improved thinking skills.

Teaching children how to think, rather than what to think, is key in furthering our future development. Along with this development, a keen sense of purpose, must be instilled.

The current fashion, of purpose being a self-centered one, is detrimental to us all. Once every child sees the survival of all, as being dependant on survival of the individual, we will have a better sense of togetherness. Selfish never self-centered.

Selfishly gaining pleasure from actively improving ones self, with greater purpose in mind, is guaranteeing the survival of all. Self-centered purpose is simply that: self-centred fulfilment of needs, with little care for the betterment or survival of anyone, except the self. We then have no future.

If the system (the universe) has purpose, in there being as many humans as there currently is, it must be the game of quantity over quality. No other species an earth has the level of consciousness we currently hold. In addition to this, no other species seems to have such poor governing, over its numbers. There must be reason for this, or if not, we must give it one.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

“The more of us there are, the greater chance of there being some, who evolve, bringing all others forward, helping our future survival.”

You can be one of these people by simply nurturing an interest in how your mind works. When you then pass this on to our children, we have the beginnings of something beautiful: The chance we will become custodians of the Galaxy, many thousands of years, from now.

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