You’re Being Distracted

There’s talk of extra funding. There’s talk of extra support. There’s talk of extra resources. There’s talk.

“There’s talk of extra funding. There’s talk of extra support. There’s talk of extra resources. There’s talk.”

The sickness in our societies cannot be cured with money, support, good will or even an abundance of resources. As long as the root of the issue is not addressed, we’ll only ever stem the tide of our sickness. The root of our sickness is ignorance.

So when we’re told by our leaders about the money, the resources and the support, they know this is no cure. They’re not claiming it’s a cure, however they are trying to win favour, by suggesting they’ll care for us with money, resources and promises. Who wouldn’t buy into being cared for? Who wouldn’t buy into someone taking the responsibilities of life out of their hands?

The major issue here is, we’re all being distracted, even the leaders themselves, are being distracted by their solutions. Government don’t know what to do about the sickness; the drugs, the prostitution, the debt, the anger, the pain, the mental illness and homelessness. Mostly they don’t know (or don’t want to know) what to do about the ignorance. If they did, they’d be properly empowering us to change, and yet the problem there is, if we did that, we’d need them less.

Our government needs repeat business. In other words, they need us to remain unwell. By this process they need to make us aware of how the National Health Service (NHS) is crumbling under the strain. They’re then able to tell us how hard they’re working to make this right. They then remind us of how much we need them, and their system, to care for us. They’re not empowering us, with their system of care, they’re keeping us stuck.

“Government could cure our sickness through tackling the root of the problem.”

So why aren’t they? Why aren’t they telling us the truth? They’re unable to tell us where we’re going wrong, not because they don’t know, but because they’re frightened of the truth, and what it would mean to them. They’re not helping us with the cure, because they’re terrified of what changes this would bring.

Show me an adult that’s addicted to drugs, or prostituting themselves, or mentally ill that has come from a warm, loving and stable childhood. The government will no doubt be able to find me numerous examples of this. We could all find examples of this if we looked hard enough.

Are we unable to see through the lies that protect us and shield us from our shame and ignorance. There is no shame when we understand and acknowledge the following:

“We’re failing to love each other because we’ve forgotten how.”

We’re constantly being reminded to forget, because loving, warm and secure families, do not create repeat business for government. It’s not in the interests of the elite few that we should know the truth. We’re being distracted from the real issue, because government is protecting us from our own shame and lies. Why? Because they need us to keep them in power. Would you vote for someone who told you the truth?